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Asus rog 2 getting switch off while charging

So if I keep my display refresh rate 60hz phone is getting switch off and today I changed this to 90hz then phone was getting automatically locked and while locked if m using my finger for unlock then it's showing u r moving ur finger fast or try again even if I m not moving finger at all from sensor

Now again I have changed refresh rate to 60hz and at this refresh rate phone was again getting switch off..so can any mod tell me where the problem lies

Is it any software or update issue or any hardware issue?


  • And all this thing is happening while charging only not with normal usage of phone

  • Update- yesterday I tried 60hz and then 120 after that now it's getting switch off even on 90hz and after switching frequency of getting switch off was more..like I m restarting phone and it again get switch off

    @Gustav_ASUS can u please tell me where is the issue is it software issue or hardware issue

    If u can log into my phone and chck out why such thing is happening because I don't have laptop for data transfer and m working in hospital as doctor so I don't have time to go to service center except Sunday and service center is also nearly 40-50 km far away from my workplace..

  • Hi amansh1004,

    Kindly check your PM and share details.

  • @ARP_ASUS i hv shared details with u..somehow i managed to transfer my data and factory reset my phone.. I HV also shared information about that also


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