Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 android 10 Version WW-17.2018.2007.428 audio issue

Audio still worst asus has done nothing in the new beta update just updated the security patch which is also old one, their developer team doesn't know anything here google has launched latest upgrade of android 11 and asus is still stuck in android 10.

audio quality is worst.


  • Audio is far better than before

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    The Audio quality is same as previous build I think you have not enable mono audio in previous build in accessibility settings that's why you are able to find the difference because in the previous build it was disabled. Further the audio is saturated and the base is not clear through wired headset or wireless headset you could clearly figure it out if then also you are unable just play a multiplayer game you would come to know the exact issue. The speaker audio base is not clear.

    about software: The optimization has been done very well but their are still minor to little bugs which can be easily solved the performance is great the touch is fabulous the smoothness of touch is great.

    No additional new feature.

  • Hi friends

    Thank you for your asking.

    MPM1> I just checked two MPM1, one in A9 V087 and one in A10 V432, and their speaker volume are approximately the same, so as bass performance. Furthermore, I had tested two MPM1, one in A10 V429 and one in A10 V432, before V432 rolled out, the earphones performance is solved in V432.

    MPM2>The issue is now under investigation. Please refer to the link below

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    So you mean Max Pro M1 android 10(432) is having the same quality of speaker output like pie(87) ????

    using the word Approximately the same quality of output in android 10 compared to pie, confused alot!!

  • I was Taking about MPM2 as it's the 3rd beta upgrade after a long waiting period it would a great deal if the audio bug was fixed in this update because we have waited for a long period for this beta update or else I can say we all are waiting for stable android 10 from the launch of android 10 globally but after highlighting the audio issue in each and every beta then also company launch a beta update and gives no additional features which we demanded like fingerprint gestures & game genie but don't even solve a audio bug which has been mentioned from 1st beta release in January it has been more than 8 months their is no update regarding when stable is going to release If a customer is waiting for such a long period you should provide additional features to the customer because if your developer really work round the clock or very hard then releasing a stable android 10 with all the features which are readily provided by google like fingerprint gesture would not be a difficult task but your software team deduct the features and provide features which they like and not which customer wants it's not a home development going on that you will provide what you want or what you want to give to make your task more easy and may not consider what actually a customer demands.

    In camera their is no Panorama mode I remember even the phone which I have purchased in 2012 has this feature further you know how your development team work round the clock or just enjoy the day round the clock.

  • I can feel the bass now and the sound increased alot . Mono audio is disabled now it was not enabled before too. And the sound quality is great for me now. The ringtone on loud speaker the notification sound all have increased and the quality via wired headphone is also increase.. i use one odio pro 10 and i must say that there is alot of improvement in sound quality. Still i will not say that the quality level is good as my PC realtek port . But for me it improved in 428 update (max pro m2).

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    Bro I don't know as per asus each phone have different build so software react differently to each phone I think that might be the reason. but for me the audio is same as previous build just the level of sound has been increased and audio output from wired headset and Bluetooth headset is same as previous build that is worst they have took 4-5 months to launch a next beta and then also this kind of bug is not acceptable.

  • Hi rana.vishal73

    Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned above last week, the sound issue of MPM2 is under investigation, please refer to the link below for further discussing.

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