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  • 😂😂 You seem to love ferarri but you don't care about what fuel you put in the tank. Smooth software is not only desireable but also necessary. Their software is not smooth as other manufacturers.

    What I'm saying is normal phones are not so different from a gaming phone only a few changes here and there. Ofcourse there is the air triggers which is additional hardware, but most of it is similar to a normal phone

  • What's the point of hardware if you can't even use it properly?? Mr.R, you must understand that having a six pack isn't enough to win a boxing match, you must have brains to build a strategy to win from your opponents i.e asus has beast hardware but no software to properly utilize it which lacks that brains win the battle against other phones and the only flaw in asus is the software part which asus is not willing to fix for rog 2 users. After recent rog 3 updates which includes alot of fixes from the issues of rog 2 that the users are still facing the same issues as rog 3 but they are getting fixed for rog 3 and abondoned rog 2 as it is. I love helping people just like you but the difference between me and you is the point of view and analysis of things. I bought this phone in second sale of rog 2 and i think i am one of the first customer to read most of the previous issues and according to my analysis asus never helped or fixed any major issues for rog 2 except first 2 months, those are the only updates that asus fixed and added features for rog 2. After that they worked for android 10 for 6 months and didn't add anything major except android 10... More over android 10 just made more issues for users. I just want to ask, what was asus doing in beta program for android 10??????? They fixed minimal issues in beta program as i was also using beta A10 from beginning and after the initial release of A10, i realised that no new features are coming to rog 2, the air trigger slidding gesture is still in beta, major fixes are not taken seriously and users are just asked to take phone to service center or sending logs to mods and after you send logs to mods, your issue is still there in next update. Other thing is even service center doesn't help, they take your device for 15 days and nothing is fixed. Every 5 day you visit service center expecting your device will be fixed but nothing ever in this forum is fixed as i have observed. Still facing restart and shutdown issues as usual even after giving phone for 15 days twice.... People just want their phones to work properly for god's sake but nothing ever works "normal" for this phone. Asus Fanboys annoy me because they are just encouraging asus to just lay down and relax because FANBOYS are there to cover up the tracks. I realise that you are also underatanding that why we hate fanboys of asus and why we are annoyed by them so its time that we stop taking asus side because all they're doing is straight up denying the fact that we are facing issues. Did you see, people have been reporting the sound delay issue since January and there is a 3rd party recorder without any delay proving that its the issue with inbuilt recorder but in past 3 updates they never fixed the issue, completely ignoring the 300ms delay even from the phone speakers now! So please stop encouraging asus to not fix those issues and start forcing them to fix it because we've waited a long time and it seems like they are not willing to fix the issues. This new upcoming update will either prove that asus is just bullshitting us by just giving a security patch and no fixes or they will fix major issues and maybe add new features which might change the way i look at asus. Please bare with us, you are one of us and i think its enough for asus bullshitting us for months.

  • Like comeon, ask those who visited service center and gave their phone for 15 days, how many of their issues are fixed... Moreover they are encouraging users to visit the service center in the middle of a pandemic and we are helpless because we have to take it before our warranty ends so we take it to service center to get our phone fixed. After that we expect that our phone works properly since we submitted phones for 15 days and even after those 15 days we are still facing same issues. What does that tell us??? That tells us that the asus mods are just bullshitting us by telling us that because my city service center guys are pretty chill and they told me themselves the reality of asus and behind the scenes. They told me the issues can only be fixed via software and there is no hardware issue in my phone after i sent it to the service center. So if the hardware is ok then why are mods again and again asking me to visit service center? Reason is they are either lazy to fix them or they just want us to suffer so we move to rog 3. Both of those are the reasons i am boycotting asus.

  • Yes really very slow update since zenfone 7 and pro and rog phone 3, so is my last asus phone, will back to OnePlus, quick update and open beta for all.

  • If your device is a carrier-locked device, updates may delay

  • Can I know what security threats you are worried about? Or you just like to whine for useless updates...u got android 10 now stay happy stop asking for updates updates...

    And u r never getting android 11 and it's not needed ...I see these kids crying all the time about in this forum for updates...just use the phone it's working fine ..don't just cry for updates u don't even know what it is...."I wANt SeCuRItY upDatE..I AM At RiSK...

  • Can I know what issues you are having because phone is just working fine..I think you are one of those guys who starts whining when flashlight doens't turn on ..... Tell me ur issues....u r just a liar and talking nonsense...rog 2 is working very nicely....stop complaining...

  • well, based on Asus track record, if your priority is software update, best go to samsung if you not the type to shift phone frequently. Asus will only update the previous model once or twice per year if new model got released. Then halt after 2 year.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    In response to the fuel comment, sounds like that person shouldn't own a Ferrari if that person is treating it like a normal car.

    What reason did you buy a gaming phone?

    I am intrigue to know because you said it's almost like a normal phone. There's alot of reviews about gaming phones and whether to buy them. At the end of day, it's a preference to people. Just because someone hated the experience, doesn't mean everyone will hate it too.

    Software does play a major role and I am talking about when it works, and it does to some. I think what get these discussions tied up is we are bringing the bad experiences into this and that leads to conclusions that gaming phones are like normal phones.

  • i had samsung before the problem is it depends on the carrier and country where you bought your phone it has different update timings

  • yup i agree hardware is important so why is a gaming phone like asus rog 2 and rog 1 having hardware failure? i had some samsung one plus phones that i extremely use for gaming for hours and i didn't get that hardware failure but many people reporting rog 2 having hardware or motherboard replacement. which is very much confusing for a gaming phone.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    We know ROG 1 and 2 don't have the best hardware for getting rid of the heat (as seen on Jerry Rig). The overheating is probably one of your major drivers for hardware failure i.e. rebooting/shutdowns. This can be caused by defective hardware or software. But the point I was trying to make earlier on is that not everyone is getting the shutdown issue therefore, software for ROG 2 is highly unlikely the cause (except for those who didn't upgrade or have Tencent models with WW ROMs).

    People first time buying a gaming phone will not feel it's like a gaming phone because of the issues. That's fair enough. Same goes with everything really, bad experience first time round, you won't get it again. That's just human behaviour.

    ROG 3 came out and even though I don't have this device, it should manage the heat alot better than it's precessors because of the better cooling environment in the phone. Samsung and OnePlus doesn't have their processors overclocked like the ROG does (and it claims). That's why when you overclock PC, you need to make sure it's right otherwise you will face problems later with heating and thus restarting/shutdowns.

  • You have a point but the thing is.. I think it is all about how the system "well tuned/optimized" to manage the hardware also given the specs that it has. How it automatically handle cores even with low cpu usage or idle or normal usage of the phone. When it should really use the overclock cores at it's finest. Remember there is an X mode to bump up the cores so that it will not use the full extent of the cores. but even without xmode turned on you'll experience heating that should be unlikely given there is no process that needs high cpu usage. I don't experience shutdown issues yet and i have a tencent variant but seeing this numerous post even the strix has it made me a choice to just use it without games for now and it is pandemic and i build a gaming pc over playing with my phone that has a tendency to have an issues mentioned. Or maybe at the end of the day it is just a bad hardware architecture or subpar hardware on the inside for a gaming phone?

  • Who are you to tell me to stop complaining? Stop trying to cause a beef, if you want beef then give me your discord or insta and we can talk there. I spent money on this phone and i can complaint all i want. It works great for you doesnt mean its all good for everyone else so get your head outta that strawberry fairyland and come back to reality.

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