ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



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    Nicely explained ,most genuine mod with genuine answers always

    I hope users will understand for sure

    Thanksalot to 1 of my favr8 mod 😊

    Always appreciate your hard work towards users satisfactions 👍😊

  • As expected great update 👍👍..

    Thanks for hardwork and we expect this gets fixed with further updates

  • So your basically saying that it is really a hardware problem cuz its not going to be 100% gone.... And your adding a red tint issue on top of black crush issue that makes users more annoyed....

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    On my phone black crush is only fixed (acceptable) between 0-30% and 70-100% brightness, watching Batman trailer in medium brightness is completely awful.

    I can't believe this screen is so bad, the worst phone screen I ever had and paid almost 1000 euros for this, I feel so stupid...

  • Hello Anders,

    Can you go ahead and ask the team if it's possible to simply add a gamma correction option in splendid? As far as I can tell, all these black crush issues are related to gamma levels which probably need different settings based on each unit and the best solution would be to let the user themselves fix it by simply using gamma correction. Even same panels need slightly different color profiles as they aren't created equal, so there is no way to make a global solution without the user being able to set it up themselves.

  • No, what he's saying is that the issue is very complex and not easily fixable. All OLED's suffer from this (not only phones, also TV's), without exception. The only real fix you could possibly offer is very advanced screen calibration that each user has to do on their own, because even with the same panel, each individual panel might need slightly different settings to function 100% and with that even 100 settings based on each individual brightness setting to eliminate black crush entirely. Simply due to the fact that each OLED screen needs different settings in itself is already an impossibility to create a 100% working global solution without the user themselves fixing it.

  • So from my experience, the black crush is gone at lower brightness while watching the video in the dark but the video is too dark to be viewable. As you increase brightness to 40-50%, heavy black crush starts appearing and video gets pretty bad.

    Feels like when you tune it for a certain brightness, it gets messed up for other levels. The fact that the mods have responded and said that they are working on it but none of them have confirmed that it's not aa hardware issue despite repeated requests from a number of users speaks. No response is also a response and any justification from a user about this is not warranted as we want to hear it from the Mod that it's not a hardware problem.

  • In Nubia Red Magic 5G 144hz at lowest brightness is kinda reddish but still black crush is not existent.

  • The red tint is only found on the interface or when displaying control buttons in the video

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    Good update for my device. The black crush does show between 40-50% brightness but any other it is a big improvement. I also notice that in some batman trailer from a different youtube channel the crush doesn't show. The quality of the vids are all at 1080p. The netflix brightness bug is indeed back but not worried about it. Hope the next update fixes them all. Good job Asus! Happy with the update 👍😊

  • @Anders_ASUS

    I have a company and I am an electronics seller in Poland, including Asus RoG Phone 3 (previously Asus Rog phone 2, I sold several hundred units). I'm worried about these screen problems. While Rog 2 only had problems with the red color in the interface and greyish elements, it did not bother that much. Black in Rog 2 is perfect at 120hz refresh. Interestingly, on the Polish website of Asus, there are no new updates, the last one is from 03/08/2020

    Will Rog 3, after all updates, have a screen similar to Rog 2 in black quality?

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    Really it's a bummer 👎. The fact that they don't have a pinned post for this is making me really cringy. They can share their findings and make a post to clear out the air a little. Just acknowledging without highlighting won't be of much help to anyone. Display is major component, therefore major issue so accept it.

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    This phone is becoming shitty with its display. Black crush cant be fixed anymore

  • With the new update the black crush issue is still there it feels like nothing is change or fix. If the black crush issue will not be fixed then this will be my first and last rog phone. It is a big down for me for buying this flagship phone. Hope this could be fix asus.

  • Wrong, it's software. The black crush you're experiencing is due to piss poor SDR to HDR conversion. Try to find a dark movie scene and watch it on full brightness SDR ("normal"). you'll notice black crush and pixalation, however if you find the exact same scene in HDR, all issues are magicially gone.

  • User fixing it by themselves after paying 1k dollars? U gotta be kidding me....... Paying for a trash and fix it by yourself? And oh after you tuned your phones color balance just to eliminate black crush on batmans trailer u need another tuning cuz black crush shows up on other videos with dark environment. Its like you need to tweak your screen balance on every movie or videos that you watch.... And after watching videos you see red tint everywhere from Apps UI to your phone settings.... bravo

  • As it's very clear you don't really understand how technology works let me enlighten you.

    The calibration wouldn't work depending on scene or movie, but on brightness setting. Meaning if you eliminate all black crush on 50% brightness with proper settings, all dark scenes are "fixed". Professional devices such as the Sony HX 310 which costs 40.000USD still need hand calibrating as well, this is simply how displays work.

    The reason black crush is happening isn't Asus's, Oneplus's or Samsung's fault, the reason black crush is happening is simply because these panels are way to good. Ironicly the panels are able to display so much color, that watching SDR content which is typical on youtube will cause black crush thanks to terrible conversion.

    The OLED screens misinterpret colors from SDR content causing these effects to happen. Asus, OP and Samsung are trying to workaround these issues caused by google by playing with gamma settings.

    If you want proof, open your youtube application on your phone, type "joker interrogation scene" on youtube, there is 1 video with HDR and another without. You'll notice how the HDR version will have no black crush whatsoever while the SDR version has black crush.

    If you want to vent out your anger to someone, then do it at google, blame them for having insufficient conversion and making applications inconsistend by adding a stupid transparent layer to try and workaround true blacks causing black crush. If you watch any SDR content on youtube and rotate your device you'll see how the dark grey is turning real black for a split second as the overlay from google is disabled and reenabled for the rotated mode.

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    You are mixing up multiple things and trying to prove your point. Blaming Google for the issues on ROG 3 panel. Wow. Do you think they forgot the basics of digital image processing before writing their algo on how different refresh rates will affect the video quality on different panels. I thought black crush is a universal issue that can happen on any oled not just android by google, be it TV, monitor, laptop or mobile. One thing you can blame google off is not centralising the higher refresh rates in android core and deep within, until then it's upto OEM to decide how to tackle. Not sure I understood you correctly. Do you have any source so everyone can also have a read on it and demystify ROG 3 black crush. Please do share.

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