Asus ROG 3 Tencent version Not able to convert CN version To Global (WW) firmware

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I have Asus Rog 3 Tencent Edition with firmware version CN_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.48_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.34_Phone-user, now updated to CN.2007.58

I tried to change it in to Global version by flashing below Global firmware but always there is an ERROR it stuck in Rebooting into bootloader.

All below Global files are giving error-

1. WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.58_M2.23.3.32-ASUS_1.1.9_Phone-user.raw

2. WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.47_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.32_Phone-user

3. MR0.2_WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.47_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.32_Phone-user.raw

4. WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.45_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.33_Phone-user

5. WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.32_M2.23.3.27-ASUS_1.1.9_Phone-user.raw

6. WW_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.25_M2.23.3.23-ASUS_1.1.9_Phone-user

7. WW_ZS661KS_17.0822.2005.11_M2.23.3.20-ASUS_1.1.9_Phone-user.raw

8. WW_ZS661KS_17.0822.2005.7_M2.23.3.17-ASUS_1.1.9_Phone-user.raw

All the drivers are properly installed like usb interface before flashing in fastbot mode.

I also tried to flash above global firmware after unlocking the bootloader but same error. ( Screenshot attached)

But it work successfully when flash China Firmware- CN_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.48_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.34_Phone-user.

Do any one facing the same issue to convert firmware CN_ZS661KS_17.0823.2007.48_M2.23.3.31-ASUS_1.1.34_Phone-user to Global firmware.

Please support how to change the tencent version CN.2007.58 to Global firmware.

Can we do the change or is is not possible to flash to Global Firmware



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