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    i am getting good battery life with ambient display on... after turning off ambient display(which is completely useless without notifications) i get an hour n half more.

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    Pretty top notch battery life. 100 -9%

  • If you get 4-5 hours from 80%, then you would normally have 40% battery left which isn't that bad. Some apps you find as simple apps might use more power than you think. Generally apps with a constant stream like youtube or netflix use much less power than you would think because the CPU has been optimized for this kind of apps.

    Like others have already pointed out, low connection can cause increased battery usage depending on how often you have bad connection in your area and how many calls you make. Now this didn't show up in your stats but unfortunately Android stats are not that reliable. They can give you a hint at best but they will never tell the full story.

    Here are some general battery saving tips

    1. restart your device more often. It solves more issues than you would think.

    2. go to system settings -> battery -> powermaster -> auto-start manager and prevent all the apps to auto start that you don't need a notification from.

    3. Go to display settings and disable every option under Standby screen and switch to Auto refresh rate if you have this option

    4. Go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Memory cleaner -> Turn on Super Clean mode -> enter app list and uncheck any app that you must get notifications from -> go back -> open recent apps overview and press clear all.

    Restart your phone. 

    You may also check out general battery saving tips like these

    Tips for battery charging and storage

  • @MV @Anders_ASUS Look at the Android system usage. It takes more than 30% if we use Netflix app. Due to the massive 6000mah battery we get good SOT and thus this problem is ignored. I have already reported this in another post. This issue started after .58 update. If Asus can fix this bug users will get another 1 or 2 hours of SOT.

  • I used to face the same issues at the beginning, so I'm gonna tell you what I did and when I saw real benefits.

    I noticed that when I charge my phone while being turned off, battery lasts less. Also it lasts less if I charge it in slow charge, also it heats up a lot.

    So my advice is charge your phone while being on, with fast charge, up to 100%

    Avoid every battery saving option (they'll drain your battery more, this phone is made to be stressed out ahahah), 144hz refresh, and do whatever you want. No need to close background apps continuously. I stopped doing it and it works fine. My battery lasts from one full day (whenever I use it a lot) to 1 day and a half, or even two days if I'm busy and I don't use it very much.

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