Unhappy with Flipkart

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This discussion is not about the products provided by Asus. But the retail channel Asus has chosen to sell the mobiles in Flipkart. I have recently faced the following issues with Flipkart.

1) Most of the time Asus mobiles are not in stock.

2) If at all Asus mobiles are in stock, there is no exchange offer provided to all the areas. Especially to Rural areas, but whereas Amazon does it for a longer time.

3) Marketing of the Asus mobiles are not prioritized in Flipkart website when compared other mobile competitors. For example Asus mobile will not be highlighted in the first shot, unless you specifically search for it. If you even search for phones by brand, Asus will be the last one to be shown by them.

Asus will have a good sale in Indian Market only if they overcome these issues. Attaching one sample screenshot taken from Flipkart today.


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