Why are we not getting security updates in a regular Interval

Asus, May I know the reason behind not sending security updates on regular interval? Do you think that security updates are not required to keep our phone secure from security threat?

When other leading brands are doing it properly, why not Asus? Can you share your problem or difficulty behind this delay. @Gustav_ASUS




  • @ASUS do you care about your existing customer or are you working on ROG 4 for the next set of chicken ?

  • Theres a thing called a pandemic lol.

    Granted we missed August but seeing how things are ATM I'm not that fussed

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    If you ask me, ASUS have improved from 7 months patch to attempting to bring updates within 2 - 3 months (July to September) assuming the delivery is still within this month.

    I did concern myself with the 7 months patch update when I was going to buy the phone. I mean, as long you stick to well known sources for downloading apps such as Google Play, you shouldn't need to worry about too much about the security updates. The other layer is the developer of the apps as they will need to be on par with their coding too. Obviously, this doesn't give an excuse to not provide security updates, but at least it has improved and it is going in the right direction.


  • Asus is truly shit compared to other smartphone companies such as oneplus and samsung just because they read, reply and convence their buyers that they will include fixes for bugs and new features but majority of serious bugs are still not fixed and no new features are added. Well played asus. They played us.

  • So they made a new phone, Rog phone 3 during a pandemic but couldn't deliver proper updates? Wah. Is this new a reason to coverup Asus's pathetic software support?

  • What you consider improvement is baseline for other companies. Please tell me what new features have they added in last 1 year except providing buggy A10 6months after its launch

  • Well for starters they turned the phone into a portable personal heater. Now you can use it during the winters to keep yourself warm.

    And they also added the feature where the airtriggers start flickering during intense gaming to stop users from getting addicted to mobile gaming. It's the OnePlus's "Zen mode" equivalent of Asus except you can't ever turn it off.

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    Android security patches are bundled with firmware updates in general. There is a FOTA planned soon which will include an updated security patch.

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    Even though this post is about the security updates and not new features update, I am happy to respond back on how I feel about the new updates.

    The problem with "new features" is apps are already out there on Play Store for them and it doesn't need to be built in. Otherwise the phone will become bloaty like other phone manufacturers. This what makes Android good, the customisability without relying on the manufacturer. If manufacturer starts forcing apps on the phone, you will be complaining like some other dude on the forum complaining about Facebook and Google being on. Imagine Facebook not being there and everyone will be asking for it to be on and must have because of the popularity. The point there is if one user on the forum gets a new feature implemented on the phone, the problem becomes bigger because everyone will be demanding for what they want to be on the phones.

    They added VOLTE on your request didn't they? Before you say it should be there in the first place, then that would be the fault of the users not doing their research. A good research would of told you which phones are capable of VOLTE.

    Personally, I like the phone how it is. Anything that I want is just download it from Play Store. I made a comment on the new features list that I want to see ROG 2 what is new app. Clearly no one was interested, but that is the point I am making that just because a dozen of you want new features, you have some dont. Obviously the numbers do help, but thats up to the manufacturer.

  • i hope it fixes battery drain too

  • No apps can ever beat native OS implementation, as for being bloaty..... so from your point of view, with all the features that R3 has then its a bloaty device right? 😂 You sound really biased there bud like a typical fanboy, don't be blind.

    Yeah sure we've got a bunch of updates and fixes and we do thank ASUS developers for that, but this doesn't mean they can skimp from bringing new features to their flagship device? heck R2 is just a year old now and mine is still under warranty, and yet after all these months of A10 release we still haven't see a single feature being added to the global rom. CN version of R2 has many of the same feature as R3 and it has those SW features since its release last year, and here we are just waiting for something new to be added.

    I personally love the device but good luck having us R2 users as your future customers ASUS, we'll lose faith and move on to another brand if you keep up with this negligence.

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    You are right about the native apps implementation is better. So if everyone starts requesting for their own features, surely we have a problem. Which one comes first, when does it stop?

    I might be bias, but adding new features can get bloat or in this case bloatier. So yes to refer back to your statement, because the phone specifcation are different between R2 and R3, R3 will be relatively hogging up more resource than R2. You cant see that because the extra hardware on R3 i.e. RAM is making up the memory usage by the extra features.

    Everyday, software and apps get more resource intensive and this is why we change phones after a few years. By adding and more to the phone, the phone will struggle at some point. It is also the reason why manufacturers stops doing updates after 2 years.

    I cant say much about losing customers, thats customers decision in the end and ASUS business model. Adding new features to the latest model, customers come back. I will say Samsung again because I owned many Samsungs, i mean i havent seen much features coming out except change in how the apps look there and there. Maybe it is just me again and being unlucky and the features come up on their next model.

    But I want to hear about other manufacturers from everyone else's experience to see if they have received new features and they are without having to move onto new models. The simplest explanation to all of this is, a manufacturer do not do these for free.

    Bug fixes, I guess bug fixes can be quicker for supporting devices but theres going to be reasons why for it. We see bug fixes coming on FOTA and unfortuately its not the ones that has been raised or that affects the people who raised them. I guess thats the reality of everything.

    Sometimes, some of the guys here need to cut some slack for the moderators and admins here. At the end of day, they are only passing messages to the relevant departments. But they are knowledgeable and friendly when you give them questions. If a serious complaint needs to be made, you can do that to the HQ. Why the fuss in bring your fustrations onto the moderators and admin here.

    I have ranted on quite alot and do feel free to reply back. I like debates so do keep them coming (if you dont mind). After all, this is a forum for everyone.

    Good day to you all and stay safe.

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    "Extra hardware on R3 i.e. RAM is making up the memory usage by the extra features."? Whaaaaat? looool bud you don't understand anything about how android works at all do you? This message definitely shows that you're a devoted fanboy.

    Anyway have a good day. Adios.

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    To give some perspective to everyone else who does understand what I have said, have a look at the firmware file sizes as it is not getting smaller is it. Running a software will always be bigger than the initial installation file. I have 12GB of RAM and I am using 4.9GB at the moment. For the guys who have the 8GB RAM, lets just say whenever new features come along or A11, it will struggle more. Don't be deluded because it bites back ;)

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    @Gustav_ASUS , Happy to hear that. My question is related to delay in delivering security patch on time. Could you read the issue description and answer for all my questions.


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    When you say features, what kind of features are you talking about? Amazon, Netflix, YouTube?

    You're not meant to have lots of features/apps on a gaming phone 😏 The flexibility gives you the power already to install what you want and not get forced to have things you dont want.

    If you're talking about the lack of features for gaming, then I will give you that. Clearly you're not because there's no phone with 6GB of RAM considered as a gaming phone. 😂

    The features I am talking about is what the phone (hardware) can do. Air triggers, the aero cooler, the accessories that you can use so that you're playing a console game, headphone jack on Rog 2. Unfortantely not 5G compatible, but wasnt a deal breaker. The bog standard features will be normal for all phones.

    Going off on a tangent here, but that is why home built PCs will always be better than PCs that have been built for you.

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    Bruh are you dumb? 3 finger screenshot. Ability to use any icon pack. Theme color changes without downloading from stupid theme store. Changing icon sizes. AOD customisations, fingerprint customisations. All these aren't bloatware my guy. And no one's gonna install singular apps for every function. Why spend 40k then. Yes the extra usb c and headphone jack is great but that's not where it ends and all these are just off the top of my head. Stop speaking bs.

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    I agree with the launcher being outdated.

    3 finger screenshot? Is this something from OnePlus? I can do it just by holding the recent apps button using 1 finger using the ASUS launcher. 🤣

    You speak more sense than the other comments made so far to me. No, I am not dumb or speaking bs, this is your preference. No-one forced you to spend 40k on a phone. At such price, you would be wary of what you are buying.

    And most importantly, where does the new features end? Shall we keep adding new extras in the phone until the phone do struggle? Can I get what I want too like a "What's New" app so we can see what new features are coming up? Might be useful for you and some others, but it might not work for others. These are the things that ASUS need to think about.

    But lets keep this clean and discuss 🙂 I agree with the launcher and AOD (though I don't use AOD) updates though.

    EDIT:// Clearly theres no need to continue with this discussion as everyone just want to squeeze things into the phone. That's personal preference and doesnt reflect everyones preference. The real comparison comes when people get A11, thats where we see people complaining about their phone being slow. I think we will tell when time comes. Good luck everyone, stay safe and see you all around on the forum.

  • Just ignore that guy, he is die hard fan of asus thinking he knows it all. I have him blocked due to his fandom for asus and denying everything that we want.

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