Plese asus fix this Rog 3 screen issue!! It is very irretaing!!

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Rog 3 , Filmfare version_17.0823.2007.58

Plese asus solve this problem.its like half side of screen suffers with black crushi just want to know is that a hardware screen problem or software problem.plese it very much irretaing while watching youtube and Netflix also in fingerprint scanning ,plese asus solve this, And conform that it is a software or hardware issue!! Plzz reply asap. Plese also watch the video

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  • Same issue with me... Its very very irritating. Hope they find a quick fix for this. It's getting on my nerves.

  • Same here. Issue is more visible during night time at low brightness.

  • It's already a major issue. Hope they fix it as soon as possible.

  • It's a very bad user experience I'm having because of this issue can't use the phone with max brightness all the time...

    The min we reduce brightness I see black crush everywhere just because of this I stopped using rog 3 as my daily driver went back to my xperia 1.

    Please fix it ASAP

    If it's a hardware issue let us know what we should do with a faulty device

  • I also have this problem in my ROG 2 , value for money but lot of irritating problems and careless software updates , android 10 is west of expectations and experience ..

    If Asus give important and good service for your customers pls answer this problem and solve or give a solution

  • The black crush issue....When is it gonna get solved? GETTING IRRITATED.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing.

    We are looking into it.

    I will get back on the same.

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