Wifi calling on the zenwatch 3

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Can you place a call on a zenwatch 3 via WiFi when it has lost it's Bluetooth connectivity if the zenwatch 3 has wifi enabled ?. If you can how ? I have tried and although I can send texts I can't seem to make a pH call . Am I missing something or can you only send texts?

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  • Hi royieraci

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly refer to the picture below as Phone audio guide. Please note that bluetooth must be activated.

    To check WI503Q AUS Manual, please refer to the link below. Thank you.


  • Thanks for your response. I understand how to use by Bluetooth but I thought that when your watch gets to far away from your phone it could continue to make calls using WiFi as the Link between the phone and the watch or am I mistaken?

  • Hi royieraci

    Thank you for your reply. I understand your question, yet I couldn't find Calling via Wi-Fi related information in the Manual or our official website. Can you provide me the source of this function for further checking?

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    Hi Christine I have done a bit more research and it seems that the answer is no you can't make or receive calls via WiFi on a smartwatch. I must have misunderstood the original article I read that led me to believe that you could. Thanks for all your efforts thought it is much appreciated kindest regards Roy

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