Asus zenfone max pro M1 battery drain issue

I opened this discussion for all this to join who have battery drain issue like me in Asus max pro M1 and let's show how many people face this issue to show that this is a major problem in this model...


  • Because this model is getting old

  • Hi Sridharmani

    Thank you for your asking. As other user mentioned, battery aging is a normal behavior.

    1. If you have any concern, please practice the Factory Reset, enter "Safe Mode" and leave a 100%-charged phone in sleep(idle) mode in a night, then provide me the screenshot of 


    ②Setting>Battery>3 dots on the top"Show app usage"

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"

    If the battery works well in "Safe Mode", please check on any disturbance from the installed 3rd party Apps.

    2. Is there any zone heating up while using/idling? How long has the battery been used? 

    3. Kindly refer to the link below for further information of battery usage tips

  • My Battery Problem Solved. Thanks Asus Support Team.

    After Installation the latest software update in Sept 2020 my phone battery was draining overnight by 60%.

    I have mentioned below steps that solved my problem

    Step 1 : When i installed the latest version it get me battery drain issue

    Installing the latest software update

    step 2 : Battery calibration test ( it was not working and didn't any help)

    step 3: I visited service centre and the executive have rollback the latest software update to April-2020 month update and problem solved.

    Please note that Asus Update after July 2020 update has a problem of battery drain so please visit the service center.



  • Battery replacement is not a solution to battery drain problem caused due to software update and you will face same issue with new battery also unless you rollback your update.

  • Hi Vruxa

    Thank you for sharing your experience on ZenTalk. As Vruxa said, visiting the Repair Center is a quick way to solve the issue; the device can be directly checked by engineers. However, solving the issue by a firmware rollback can not directly assert the root cause on battery drain of the latest firmware. While the rollback process involves the Factory Reset, a better battery performance will be directly perceived. Besides, most of the battery drain issue after firmware update can be caused by the compatibility between the new system and the third party apps. That is why we always suggest the users to update their apps to the latest version once they update their firmware version.

    Hence, I suggest all users to perform "Safe Mode overnight check" and "the Factory Reset" first if you have encountered battery drain issue after firmware update. If the issue remains the same, then we can further discuss case by case.

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