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any product to extract Windows from 2XM.2 RAID0 and transfer to 1xM.2 instead?


  • Once you made a raid set, those disks must be formated if you want to use them as single disks again.

    Just get whatever data you want from the raidset first.

    There really is no use for raid unless you are a company where loosing data is not an option.

    Raid 1, which makes 2 disks work as one IS fast, yes.

    But games cant keep up with ssd speed. M.2 SSD with pci-e support are faster then your ram so raid for games, adobe, photoshop and large movie high res videos is not needed anymore.

    I wish asus and crusial was more specific that a raid driver is NOT an update for native ssd drive.

    They just want to sell more disks.

    You only need 1 M.2 SSD, on your c drive, where win 10 is and only games and applications on that disk.

    The rest can be slow arrse SATA 2, 3 or 4TB. For storage.

    Win 10 supports 72gb ssd Vram and can stream blueray flawless even when the data is stored on f drive, 6TB SATA.

    Its the M.2 that streams the data for the image and sound.

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