ASUS TUF B450 MB dont support AMD CPU Virtual without crashing in windows 10.



  • Btw.

    Asus Bios sets all the OC and settings for fans etc that i want and need.

    I understand bios perfectly.

    Do i need asus aura from either ROG or TUF for anything else then making nice lights on keyboard, cpu etc?

    Do i need any ASUS software (except drivers) at all?

    AI Suite and Armor crate auromaticly download when i turned on my pc for the first time, in may 2020.

    Are they needed for anything that bios cant do, or updating any drivers outside of the chipset etc from the asus support page for the motherboard?

    Is not armor crate required to be able to get and update odd drivers and services thats needed for win system?

    I dont care about neon lights. I care about functionality. AMD said something about its recommended to get the cpu drivers and services from asus.

    The armor crate is required for 21 different running services where half are for aura stuff. But one was pci-e support for M.2 SSDs which is a tiny detail 🤖

  • Core isolation and amd cpu virtualization enabled and activated in win 10. No blue screen.

    ASUS States in FAQ that i should reinstall AI Suite 3 and Armory crate.

    It cant. It keeps looping, reastarting and dont get installed.

    Can i remove armory crate and AI SUITE 3 compleatly withput loosing the same thing they do just from bios?

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