REQUEST for more functional Air Trigger features

skailash2001skailash2001 Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 3

  1. Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: WW_17.0823.2007.47

Existing Air Trigger features like changing sound modes and screenshot, etc are very good. Some more functional features like these ( while not gaming ) would be really nice.


1. Sliding on lower ( right ) Air Trigger for changing volume.

2. Sliding on upper ( left ) Air Trigger for changing brightness.

3. Swipe for scrolling would be really nice too, it is not really necessary but it would be cool.

ASUS Moderators, @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS, please make this happen.



  • I would like to think this is a simple feature to implement @CH_ASUS, or is it not?

  • Hi @skailash2001,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Simple or difficult can only be said once its implemented and how optimized the system works. I will pass on to the team.

  • Yeah you're right. But it's still a cool feature to have if you think about it.

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