New rog 3 update version 17.0823.2007.47 is not solving pubg multiple issue

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Rog latest filmware update version 17.0823.2007.47 is not properly solving the touch issue while playing pubg. some time the fire button get stuck and the movement button is also get stuck it was so irrretating.. am just buying this for playing pubg and now am just regrating . It also always stuck at 60hz ,



  • Pubgm is only at 60 fps for any phone except OnePlus phone button get stuck?..u use air triggers? For movement I doubt ..hmmm I was thinking it is happening becos of this phone size and I m habitutated to other phone ..

  • Am not using any air triggers ,and it's not about size , multiple time when i press on the fire button it doing a single fire and stuck. Firstly am thinking it happening bcz of its large screen but after a week i realize that it stuck sometimes..

  • Me too I have the same problem with Pubg Mobile, yesterday when I pressed fire button it did single shot and my enemies killed me, this appened at least 3 times...I don't have yet the update of the firmware you mentioned above

  • @dasn252 @abhip1986 For screen refresh rate stuck at 60hz, check if brightness less than 30%. In other post related to screen refresh rate, mod mentioned that at less brightness the screen refresh rate defaults to 60hz.

    @abhip1986 screen refresh rate 60hz and 60fps are 2 different things.

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    Search in youtube how to get 90fps u will get solution ,and 90fps is only official for OnePlus dev now after September they rollout for all devices ,i played 90fps on both rog3 and onp8pro .....ROG IS DAMN SO SMOOTH Always stay at 90 .

  • Its not about smoothness or fps my problem is the fire button some time get stuck while am firing. (It stucks with a single fire) . it happens with multiple time and with multiple users also.

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    Agreed, I am also facing similar issue in .47 version. All of the sudden when you press fire button, it just fire one bullet. Button icon will show it as clicked. I am playing with 4 finger claw. Is this due to muti touch? I have disabled the three finger screenshot gesture. Also air trigger is also disabled. Any workaround is appreciated

  • Same as you, disabled 3 fingers gesture, disabled air trigger, and i play 4 fingers claw, i have problems with multitouch especially with fire button, but sometimes also with movements...

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    Can you please provide us with screen recordings. Both from PUBG and our multi touch test which can be found via the built in calculator. press .12345+= -> single test -> MultiTouch Test

    Make sure Show touches is enabled in Screen recorder setting.

    If you can't determine the issue from the screen recorder videos, then you need to ask a friend to record you while playing with their phone.

  • Just disable three finger screenshot and single tap pubg problem will be solved.

  • AGREED, i am also facing the Fire button stuck issue, i am a three finger player, sometimes even when fire button is pressed it doesn't register and firing is stuck... That sucks please Asus fix it ASAP.

  • Yes same happened with previous and this update multi issue is there

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS ,

    I am not facing this issue frequently. This issue is little hard to reproduce. I will try to capture it .

  • I use air triggers and I do find this problem but it's intermittent...

  • I am gonna try same after disabling navigation gesture. Try in settings>advanced>game genie >navigation blocking

  • O.47 update version: WW; didn't fix the multi touch issue in pubg..As you can see in the screenshot video there is 2 simultaneous touches on the fire button....also this update also introduced lots of glitches in the game like the players doesnt get damage even if ping is below 70ms...

    Also when the brightness is set to 30% or below ..the refresh rate gets struck to 60 Hz..

    Please, developers fix these issue in the next update..

  • Yes brother, i am also facing same issue of simultaneous touch on fire button and all rest of issue too.

  • I'm also facing same issue I'm a hardcore 4 finger gyro player and this problem is so so devastating for me I feel like I've wasted my dad's money on this phone I should have gone for one plus 8 please fix this asus

  • same issue for me but mine is .32 version i am waiting for the update ...

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