Zenfone 5z finger print issue

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Asus zenfone 5z

Latest version of all updates

Mobile is not rooted

I mentioned about this problem before, after that Android 10 update finger print scanner does not working even that option not there in the security settings. But today (09.05.2020) I could see the popup in my phone that is about finger security related and after that I can see this option in phone with my recognised finger print but the scanner not working only shows this option then I did restart my phone and again there is no finger print option in my phone....it hurts lot

This is a big issue going in asus zenfone series such a long time but the company does not care about it.

Innovations are good for the brand but without issues is healthy.....

I am totally upset after facing is experience again....

When will this issue clear?????....



  • I having this issue too.. I need my fingerprint sensor from r my mobile banking apps to work properly. It's such a hassle now.. is Asus gonna do any update to correct this?

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    I have a little issue with fingerprint reader but i have it on settings. The issue is poor unlock rate and/or slow unlock. I have to put the finger more times. On android 9 and first 2-3 firmwares of android 10 was much better, it was faster and as soon as you touched the sensor it unlocked quickly

  • I am facing the same issue. Fingerprint unlock is slow in this update as compare to previous versions. Hope this will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

  • Hi there, thank you for highlighting the issue. We have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

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    Thank you very much. I hope that it's a issue that has to be fixed. Some users said that the problem it's poor hardware quality but i don't think so

  • Happening same with me too.... Unlock 🔓 requires 2-2 attempts.

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    I have a Zenfone 5Z 6/64 and the problem started occuring for me as well.

    Fingerprint version v1.04.07.13

    Android security patch level 5 May 2020

    Sensor is in working condition. Diagnosis that i have run: for 2 to 3 times

    1. Deleted fingerprints and restarted device, after some time sensor starts working. You can prove this by controlling the notification drop down gesture and sensor works i.e., registers touches.😀

    2. After fingerprint are registered again sensor notices it and device can be unlocked for a few times before sensor doesn't register anything. 😫

    There is a possibility that the storage of fingerprint database is getting corrupted and that is why this is happening.🧐

    Please guide us in any way to reach the fingerprint database itself and clear cache. 🙏

    Edit: You can register a fingerprint for authentication as long as you unselect the option to unlock with fingerprint.

    I'm hoping this is a lot of information to work upon and solution will be found very soon. 😶

    Suggested solution(no guarantee):

    Go to dev options and click on bug report and then opt for full report. After that click on quick settings developer tiles and opt for sensor off option. Try this when you have not selected for fingerprint as unlock and followed previous notes. A bug report prompts, wait for some time and the software rectified itself in my case and fingerprint is working now for me from last 5 hours.

  • My finger print sensor not working. Not showing the option too Asus Zenfone 5z

    How to rectify

  • Might be your flex cable got detached form the mother board. Suggest you to take it to nearest local repair shop or asus authorized service center.

  • I'm having the same issue, finger print doesn't work at all and the option has disappeared completely from the menu. It's very annoying, absurd that the problem appeared all of a sudden and still there is no solution. I hope it can be solved quickly

  • Possibilities causing this :

    1) Your flex cable connection got loose from the MB

    2) your flex cable has broken

    3) restart phone (soft bug)

    4) hardreset (last friendly option)

    5) MB faulty.



  • Thank you for answering. Do all of these malfunctions usally cause the disappearance of the finger print unlock option from the option menu?

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