Can not unlock bootloader of my new Asus rog phone 3

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  1. Model Name :- Asus_I003DD / ZS661KS-6A012CN
  2. FIRMWARE VERSION WW-17.0823.2007.32
  3. Root or not :- Not Rooted
  4. App Name & App Version :- UNLOCK DEVICE TOOL

I can not unlock bootloader on my new ROG PHONE 3 using the latest unlock device toolkit released by official asus website for Rog 3 . 

Its saying The Device is unlocked while it not unlocked . because i checked in fastboot mode by comand "fastboot oem device-info" and its saying device unlock - false . also when am trying flashing  modified img file its giving me failure message by saying unable to install because my bootloader is still locked . Please help I really felling so frustrated and constantly working to unlock my rog phone 3 bootloader for over 72 hrs .



  • i have same problem please from adman see what is problem and solve

  • ok, I will send you a PM since I need your SN and IMEI number to check why

  • sir i already got your PM and send every details regarding your requirment , please am waiting for your reply

  • already send PM

    i have 5 new phone same problem

    im use last ( unlock device tool )

    when i use unlock tool i press ( PRESS TO UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE ) Phone only reboot without anything happen

    because if do right phone will wipe all date but no anything happen

    i think this general problem because this problem with more people


  • it was hapening same with me when i was on Version WW-17.0823.2007.25 ,

    but after i update it to the latest firmware version Version WW-17.0823.2007.32

    whenever am taping to unlock it , its saying your device is unlocked . btw is that your Rog 3 Tencent Version ?

  • Wait, do they say tencent on the back? If they do, and are flashed to WW ROM, then they have already been unlocked and locked again by the person who changed to WW Rom. Our tool only allow one unlock

  • that's right

    Please help. I have a large quantity, even if I cannot open bootloader

    I will be a loser

    I hope for your support and assistance

    I am sure the ASUS support team will give me a solution

  • Sadly Tencent versions of the phone running global rom isnt supported officially by Asus

    You won't get any official support regarding issues/bugs in such combination models

  • so the supplier who are supplying the tencent phones outside china by flashing global rom are totally illegal . is asus company aware of that ? if asus knows then whats the step are taking against this kind of process ?? if asus company taking such a strong step then why its geting sold in vast quantity even online ? and why asus in this case not blocked previously the such kind of combination ?

  • His words are correct

    In the previous version of the phone ( Asus Rog Phone 2) I did not face any problem and Asus sold large quantities

    Why is the problem then?

    The phone is original, not fake - the first time I opened bootloader The phone is out of warranty So why next time I can't open bootloader

    It is neither convincing nor satisfactory

  • When downloading and installing the opening program, the user was not warned that they could only open it once

    And secondly when agree the terms and conditions above and the ASUS Warranty

    im agree form phone go out from warranty and why i cant unlock one or more time already my phone is out of warranty 

    Please review this because it will not hurt Asus if the customer can I unlock bootloader the phone more than once

    On the contrary, it will increase its sales


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    I have same issue

    when i unlock on tool it says already unlock and in real it is locked

    help us please

  • moamoa Level 1

    I think we should go back to cn to unlock

  • Ok, according to @moa the first time he used the unlock tool, it rebooted without unlocking. After this he updated the unlock tool and it said "The device is unlocked". Is this the same experience you have all been sharing?

    We have received logs from @moa and @enmaacam that both show 30+ times of unlocks. Which is where we have our current limit. But increasing it might not change anything since you hade this issue from the start.

    I need logs from @AbO and @kimoalex too if we are going to solve this

  • im already send log

  • at this time only one solution unlock by edl mode but i dont know how

  • please any solution we have big quantity and cant sell without bootloader open

  • same issue here

  • i have same issue the tools finish loading and phone restarted but no change and the unlocking is not applied

  • please help me i need to unlock it

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