ROG Phone 3 temporary screen burn in issue? Please Help! Is this related to hardware or software?

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I am facing temporary screen burn issues. The phone is just a day old.

As you can see the icons of notification panel have left some impressions. It goes away in about 5-10 seconds. Don't know what is causing it.

Also there is some vertical pattern on the display.

Should I got for a replacement????

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: WW_17.0823.2007.25
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.




  • Can anyone suggest me something please?

  • Same with me ...and my return was rejected

    I m facing heavy black crush and red tint too...r u serious there is one more problem..

    I regret buying this phone


    Mod please fix this

    Screen burn is a hardware issue

  • I too contacted Flipkart. They said they cannot replace it.

    This issue is only visible on certain backgrounds which is why most people don't notice it. Don' know if it is a real hardware problem or can it be fixed with a software update.

  • I bet this issue is on every rog 3 display out there like black crush

    Check out this link on screen burn-

    LINK IS ON SCREENSHOT (I can't post links here )

    It's a serious issue, please do read this article properly.

  • What is article talks about is burn in but we are facing image retention which is different.

    This is what I found on reddit:


    "What you are seeing IS image retention, that is exactly what image retention is... nothing more, nothing less.

    There is huge misinformation around the internet about image retention and burn-in and how they are linked.


    When you have a bright static image on screen for a few minutes and then quickly switch to another static image (normally all of one colour) you WILL see the previous image being retained - therefore- image retention

    It is only happening because the all one colour static image is not rotating its pixels, so cannot instantly “wash away” the previous image, so the previous image will hang around for a fair few seconds, even minutes....

    ...until you switch to a dynamic moving image again, where by the image retention is instantly dismissed.


    If you are using a games console you are going to see it often under normal usage.

    For example, leave the PS4 sitting on the dashboard for a few minutes, then quickly going to something like the store or friends list... while waiting for them to load, and the screen is largely one static colour... you will noticed the main dashboard “squares” being retained.

    Another example - If using the TVs in built YouTube app, you stay browsing for a few minutes, and then quickly go to the mostly grey search page, you will see the grid of thumbnails.

    Etc etc.


    Burn In is a different, and arguably wrongly labelled phenomenon. What Burn In is, is actually accelerated pixel wear."


    The above I found on a reddit thread. But even then we should not get a display like this.

    Another ROG Phone 3 owner told me that he is not facing this issue. His device is fine.

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    I don't know what to do now

    I m facing black crush too..

    They r giving China updates in indian phones..don't know why??

    All I know that I will never going to buy any asus product ever now.

    I made a huge mistake..

    No one is helping 😔

  • Yes that is the problem. In this forum too no mods seem to help. Flipkart guys are just useless. The seller does not even have replacement available. All you can get is refund and that can also be rejected.

  • Yes! But black crush can be fixed with software update. And about that image retention problem I don't know.

  • I don't understand how can Flipkart sellers just refuse return? A technician was supposed to visit today but before his visit seller just rejected the return request. How can they do that? What is the meaning of 7 day return period then??? Can Flipkart, Seller and ASUS be pursued in consumer court for this?

  • I m pissed too brother..


  • No one seems to care. Flipkart representatives are just lying. I initiated a return and filled display issues as the cause. At that time replacement was not available only refund option was there so I went for it. Today when i called FK they said that I am having performance issues. And they even said my return was rejected because technician could not reach which is again a lie. I did pick technician's call and he agreed to come to my place today. In fact my return was rejected at midnight by the seller.

    Flipkart is just openly lying about everything.

  • I opted for refund again

    Let's see what happens

    I hate asus...

  • I too did. The technician visited today evening and the replacement was rejected again. The reason "troubleshooting steps solved the issue". I am gonna scold them tomorrow afternoon.

  • Hi jagatpalv,

    Does the same sticks to it or fades after few seconds?

    If it fades then nothing to worry about.

    If it sticks let me know. (Also after how long it fades)

  • CpzCpz Level 1

    Buddy same thing happns in my case but I fight for it and raised complaint on technician and in second time they didn't get me to technician visit they directly got me replacement .they only give replacement if u need refund just call flipkart and cancel replacement unit thats how i got refund and now i have brought OnePlus 8 pro😉


    it fades away in 5-10 seconds.

    Also PLEASE help me on this:

    1 There are vertical lines of darkness and lightness in the display. The display is not smooth as it shood be:

    You can see very sharp slim whitish vertical line in the middle. It is very subtle in this image because capture that on a phone is hard but it sure is there.

    2 The display is grainy. As if it is filled with small grains. Not the pixels but grains. Like the small grains that we usually see in movies. I see those small grains everywhere.

    All these above problems are making me anxious everytime I look at the display.

  • So second time you did not get a technician? Like in how many days did you raise return request second time? My return request was rejected yesterday. I called them today they said they have escalated it. They will give me some reply before 29th but my return period will be over on 28th.

    So should I request another return?

  • Hi!

    Did you get any response from Flipkart about the return?

  • CpzCpz Level 1

    I raised just next day ,and complained about that bot technician they escalated to higher official and higher official called me and said ur replacement has been accepted (in same day ).and without technician 😉 and my replacement unit is about to arrive next day but i know all replacement unit has these probs so i called flipkart and said to cancell the replacement unit .its hard to get refund just use ur mind or fight for it .

    For help dm me in ig :aarav.ab

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