reverse charging and data transmission always pop up

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reverse charging and data transmission always pop up. i cant play better now its annoying and here my about phone to know the model


  • Could be a hardware issue that triggers this message. My best advice is to backup all data, factory reset your phone and if the message still pops up, then you need to contact your local ASUS Support

  • Sir but now lockdown start so no Asus center open what I do in home sir please solve this problem and the phone not charging after this pop up

  • Same issue with me.

    Pls help....

  • Got a similar issue today..may be it is a fault from the recent update... As we are getting the issue almost during the month of April and May..🙄

    Waiting for a solution...

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    OP is about ASUS_X00TDB Model which is Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1), but ZF6 is ASUS_l01WD.

    I cannot confirm such an issue on ZF6 when using the latest update WW_17.1810.2005.153.

    Clean your USB port, use original cable and check again.

  • I found this thread by looking up the error message. It is not a coincidence that I have the same phone and the message just followed a system update. Can Asus please fix the issue? Thanks

  • Even I am facing with the same issue. Phone battery is not getting charged. Kindly help me as how to sort the issue

  • Same issues happened with meh and I m unable to chrg my phon wTf plz resolve this Asap

  • Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone got to know the reason behind the Reverse Charging Pop Up? Please update here if you got any info on this!

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    The common problem as seen above,, in max pro M1 x00td..

    Android 9

    Irritating pop up while typing,,

    4-5 times in every second

    "Provides normal revers charging and data transmission"

    suffering right now...

    Can't type properly....

    Losing faith on asus... very sad..😔😔😔

  • Hi Guys,

    I am using Max Pro M1 and I am also getting reverse changing error constantly on my phone screen and error will disappear as soon as I connect the power cable with adaptor or power bank and error start popping when i I remove the power cable.

    Below are the troubleshooting I have done as of now :

    1: Clean the power socket and power cable.

    2: Tried multiple charging cables.

    3: Off USB debugging.

    Is there any permanent fix or other way to resolve this issue. As I am really fed up with this, always I have to connect my phone with changing cable so that I do not get that irritating error.


    Mohit Chugh

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