ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



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    i have the 12/256 and the black crush is there..

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    Do you guys notice a red tint in the greys and a very slight reduction in contrast when changing from 90 to 120 and 144Hz? It's an issue present on my device.

    EDIT: Compared with my oneplus 6, the grays seem to be fine, the op6 actually has more red tint than rog 3, however, at 90Hz and 144Hz there's a great difference the the tint on greys on rog phone 3, whichever one is more accurate.

  • CpzCpz Level 1

    Dude , that's not even a issue its common for high refresh rate panel !

  • Hello everyone. I got a good news for who suffering from black crush issue on their deadly new over priced ROG 3 phone. But i would like to give the solution personally to everyone or we create a group on what'sapp and share the solution over there. Mail me on [email protected] and i tell you a quick relief solution for the black crush issue. I don't wanna discuss this on this official portal.


  • Wateva you suggest just don't start charging people for the fix !! This i said because few Vietnamese guys are being seen asking people to to pay $50 to flash Qfil rom on their bricked Rog devices

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    Asus please fix this issue am facing heavy black crush and little in other colors in all apps and inbuil camera . Is this a software or hardware issue. Please fix this or else I can go for refund

  • I also have the same problem

  • I'm facing the same issue.... Waiting for asus statement on the same ...

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    Dear ASUS team,

    This phone (ROG Phone 3) is my 2nd Asus phone... The previous phone that I was (and still) using is Zenfone max pro m1... I had an issue with it regarding its software bugs and headphone jack and contacted the customer care the issue was not solved but i kind of lived with all of that beacuse it was a cheap phone, i rooted it and still using it...

    But when I purchased The ROG Phone 3, I had really high hopes from ASUS because it's their flagship phone of 2020. I was very excited when I first got it but after using it for 2 days I found out the black crush, red tint and back tracing issue with the phone and contacted the customer care of asus for the resolution of the issues I'm facing but what they (asus) said to me was so unprofessional that my experience beacame even worse...

    Firstly the customer care executive didn't really understand the problem (didn't knew what black crush was), secondly the executive asked me to go to the asus service centre to which I replied that beacuse of the pandemic I cannot go to that far(NOIDA U.P.) but he (executive) said that it is the closest care centre near my location (RAMPUR U.P.). I said that is there any other solutions atleast tell me whether these issues are software related or hardware related issue? But he (executive) said that i can not tell. This kind of behaviour from such a huge company like Asus is not expected and too when the customer is using their best product of that year.

    I am a technology enthusiast and hence a power user, that's why I spent literally 5 times the money compared to the amount of money I spent on my previous phone because I wanted a good phone but I think that I have really put my hard earned money into dust.


    I am returning this.

    I am so pissed from the overall experience from Asus that I am NEVER going to buy an Asus product and not going to recommend it to my friends either from now on.



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    does the black crush issue and other issues will solved by software update.. if yes when will the update will appears on the device ..

  • literally roasted some fanboys,take a bow

  • don't know about a fix for black tint but I am a Rog 2 user and I never got a fix for red tint in Rog 2 .we Rog 2 users have black crush but not as worse as Rog 3 and the biggest issue of Rog 2 was red tint,it was never solved

    Are Rog 3 users also experiencing red tint?

    note:black crush is also present in Rog 2 but not this worse

  • LOL, until today ROG 2 have black crush... Buy another phone if you don't like.

  • VarinVarin Level 1

    Issue is fixable i used a software did some settings and it's working it's just software issue. Application name is screen balance

  • no wonder apple is sticking to 60hz OLED panel for 2020 while asus is pushing high refresh rates with tints ,black crushes and so on

    apple is just waiting for this whole refresh rate tech to evolve and display panels tech to get fixed from these issues .smart move apple

  • ChadiChadi Level 1

    Just got mine yesterday and also noticed it has this issue. I thought the video or image quality might be the problem but when viewing the same media on my laptop screen or Samsung phone, it's clear the problem is with the ROG Phone 3 display. Just try watching the new Batman trailer to see what I mean.

    The Screen Balance app others have mentioned somewhat reduces the problem BUT it makes your screen look washed out (blacks become more like dark gray). I'll try to have it checked by the service center when I get the chance. Bought from ROG store in Megamall (Philippines).

  • Finally got refund. Goodbye Asus

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