Different wallpapers on home screen and lock screen

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
Is it possible to set different wallpapers on home screen and lock screen? For example, the live wallpaper on lock screen and a static one on the home screen.


  • Press and hold on the homescreen. From the pop up menu choose Wallpapers and you will see possibilities as shown on the screenshot:

  • Try to set a live wallpaper only for the lock screen. If you try to change the home screen wallpaper you change also the lock screen one
  • I don't use live wallpapers so obviously i didn't know about this "issue".
    But compared to the real problems with this device the impossibility to change the wallpaper is..... ?
  • Yeah I know but maybe in a future update they can fix this issue...
  • You could say that the live wallpaper is kind of a theme. This is why you can't combine a normal wallpaper with the live one
  • Will this ever be fixed?
  • We do not consider this a bug but I can forward your wish to make it possible to combine a live locked screen with your own home screen wallpaper.
  • Thanks, it would be great!
  • @Anders_ASUS latest updates didn't include this feature. When will it be implemented?


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