Android 11 beta on top of zenui 6 for 5z

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As there are no major changes in android 11 comparing android 10 it may be bit easier to patch A11 with 5z i request asus to add 5z to list of updating devices to A11

As this year there are no huge number of devices like max series in lineup for OS updates i feel ASUS should add 5z in list so that it may be easy for 5z to compete in midrange segment as pricing has been less these days because of 5z's 2 years mark also 5z is still selling like hotcakes atleast in larger markets like india this may help asus to still compete in midrange segment for india and replace max series also as sales are effected due to COVID-19 may give some boost and win hearts of customers on top of snapdragon 845 ✌️😊

And m sure 5z n asus can realy win hearts if there will be change in some strategy

This year only zenfone 6 n ROG 2 are in list of previous models for A11 lineup and in new incoming RoG 3 N zenfone 7

So it is not hard to add 1 to list as 5z is capable to handle everything

And thanksalot asus for soo much support till date for 5z we love it alot 😊 n also this new forum is too good



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  • I second this, as 5Z still have a long way to go. The improvements from SD845 to the newer ones weren't significant enough to make us change, the innovations on design aren't a great appealing, and with the experience I'm having with 5Z, if I change my device this year, it wouldn't be another ASUS.

    So, you've shown design with Zen6, hardware with RoGII, but software never was at its best, and it's still not. Change it, optimize it, FIX IT, keep updating.

    Copied design from Apple, now copy customer care, R&D, soft/hardware optimization.

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    Asus rather give zen ui 7 instead of android 11

  • Yes I agree with u bro as there are no major changes in Android 11, they should add 5z in their list and it is a good chance for asus to compete with one plus because one plus devices are getting 3 major os updates. And we should expect Android 11 because at the launch time it gives a tough competition to one plus 6 and many of the users and tech experts feel that 5z is slightly better device than one plus 6. So as a One plus 6 competetor 5z should get Android 11. Till now it is a great device and we regularly receive updates and l thank u Asus for making it a successful phone. As this phone is capable to handle everything it should receive Android 11.

    So I request Asus to add 5z in Android 11 list.

    Thank you🙂

  • Samsung is using similar strategy these days bringing up new lineup with a year older processors i.e. like galaxy s10 lite i feel ASUS has to do nothing but just to update its older devices instead of bringing up new devices this will reduce the production cost and keep devices competing in present markets effected with covid crises and midrange will surely be captured by 5z in coming year in era of Zenfone 7 n Rog 3.

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    Yes, As price of 5z decrease to somewhere around 17000-18000 then if people who want to buy a midrange phone with great specifications then I think none of the other phones are able to compete with 5z in that segment for sure only if Asus provides Android 11 to 5z. Because without os updates I don't think people will buy this 2yr old phone

  • A11 update will be really appreciated from asus side. The support has been great so far. If A11 is not possible an update to zenui 7 will be much appreciated. 😊👍

  • Well whatever we all here suggest fall on deaf and dead ears of Asus they doing nothing to make it better others companies are doing very well and start giving customers some new features with upgrade by Asus does nothing just an security patch no new update for phone no new features nothing just blank lies so don't hope any thing good will be stores for 5z users I have already lost all the hope for anything new so I am not hoping anything good from Asus

  • Asus already gave 2 android updates as promised and also getting regular security patches as promised. There is nothing to complain.

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    5z is like 2yrs old now

    Asus is still fixing the bugs we report here (the touch panel version was improved in the last update that's commendable for a 2yr old device)

    We continue to get updates bimonthly/every 2 months

    Plus Zen UI 6 is very good and stable

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    Support is good until now for 5z n i wish they continue to do so in future as Well zenui 6 is indeed a complete new change to users and u can see some new features n tweaks alredy done to 5z following 6z like brightness bar,am,pm,after restart phone needs a pattern after starting also charging icon change after switch off, n many more

    I know these are small changes but indeed very respective to 5z for improvement of UI and more stable now also they are really working hard on touch problem till date

    So we can just wait what if asus surprises all 5z users at launch of zenfone 7 n rog 3 in july

    5z has came along way with regular updates so i dont see anything to complain although smaller changes where not mentioned in release notes but those are noticable in day to day usage we need to appreciate that

    Never loose hope so early 😁😜


  • Hahahahah thats a joke to me and all 5z users anything new they have added do mention coz this is all love for 5z speak nothing true

  • Two years old come on lool at OnePlus they have given update to OnePlus 3 are they fool I am not doing any comparisons just to tell you that giving just 2 update doesn't mean they have full fill there promise I still have a doubt

  • Yeah but what about other major updates which other companies has given to there phone please research and see where our 5z phone stand before saying anything where is the vowifi update where is video calling update and other major too which Asus keep on ignoring and yet u say it full fill promise than what is the use of this forms when they cannot take idea and work on it Asus will never wake up

  • OP promises 3 Android updates. thats company policy. Just because you get beta builds doesnt mean you get many updates. Please understand the difference first.

  • They added most things while on oreo and when we got Zenui 6 many things changed. So i dont agree that they didnt change anything. AR core and Vowfi is not added, rest our device has all features almost.

  • Vofi is already in talks and may drop anytime soon also i want to tell you that not every carrier support native video calling option and also not every OEM has it to make full use of it and also now a days users prefer 3rd party video calling app options over native video calling feature and most of app have that already these days so asus has decided to hold native video calling feature to implement it in software and i think native video call and 3rd party video call doesnt make any diffrence isnt it ? So not a very important feature to be focused on and yes i understand lots of other OEMS alredy having it is there call but ASUS works in diffrent way and works hard for priority features and bug fixes rather than show offs

    Also i checked with MI native video calling option and trust me they have that option just for show off that features fails to works tried many workarounds no use so what is use of such features if those doesnt work properly

    I hope you understand and yes who knows if ASUS will surprise someday 😜

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    Hope they will surprise us by adding 5z to Android 11 or Zenui 7 list because till now support from Asus team for 5z is great so may be we can get any of these two things in future 😁

  • Yes updates Zenfone 5z to Android 11 might give you some long term fan base. Android 10 improved my 5z phone a lot and kept me from switching to a newer phone.

    Now an update to android 11 will make the device not feel old. And camera seems to have some problem. Also fix that too.

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    The update Zenfone is the solution. I love Zenfone 5Z

  • Pls asus give us zenui 7.and i also hope so we get Android 11 updates.if its happen than asus is the best brand of mobile services.

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