Rog phone 3 CN to WW FLASH

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Hi does anyone know how to convert CN rog 3 To WW? Like with the rog 2? I have alot of Chinese bloatware on my rog 3, would love to convert it to WW.. I've read that if the same steps are followed as the ROG 2 conversion, the rog 3 gets bricked and stops working. So if anyone has a step by step guide to successfully flash and convert from CN to WW that would be extremely helpful, thank you


  • Rookie mistake buying a Chinese variant phone with the Chinese ROM. Best place would be XDA. But remember buddy if you brick your phone that's all on you. Flashing voids your warranty, although your warranty is already void because it's a grey import

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    Thanks for reply 🤗

    And yeah I converted my rog 2 last year, it went smoothly and everything worked perfectly. I couldn't find Any global rog 3 model so went for Chinese. There's absolutely nothing on xda as of yet, if you hear of any thing please let me know here

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