Rog 2 with hdmi out cabbed on 60hz (elgato)

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I'm a streamer and i use elgato to capture my gameplay but my phone screen always get stuck on 60hz when i connect my phone through a type c to hdmi connecter to elgato

It says (refresh rate set to 60hz)

But why i want to play games on high refresh rate like 90hz or 120hz

Any solution ??


  • it will cap to 60hz when running 4K. A lower resolution display will give higher refresh rate

  • I dont have 4k display or capture card

    I use hd60s ! 1080p but still display stuck 60hz!

  • Hi @technicalsharad ,

    Can you try setting the refresh rate of the entire phone to 90 or 120hz (in the display settings) and then running the game?

    I had encountered the same issue, but then found that when I set the refresh rate to 90hz for the entire phone and then connect to an external monitor I was able to get 90hz refresh on the monitor as well.

    When comnected to external display the refresh rate doesn't change according to the game. So before connecting to any external display or adapter, I change my display setting to higher refresh rate and then connect and run the game.

    Do let me know if this works for you.



  • Nope using this adapter and app ka monitor kitne hz ka hai!

    I want to connect my phone to elgato without losing high refresh rate

  • HD60 doesn't have high refresh rate pass through. So you're always going to get 60Hz regardless.

    You need a better capture card if you want to do higher refresh rates. Also I could've sworn you need to buy the Asus Dock if you want to use higher than 60Hz on external monitors. Since the dock has the support for it.

  • But OnePlus Devices are working fine with my elgato 90hz???

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    If you look at the website for Elgato, it does say anything higher than 60hz is not supported. So OnePlus showing as 90hz is irrelevant as it would still be going through as 60hz.

    As Volodesi has mentioned, you need something that's better that has support for higher refresh rate other than 60hz.

  • I just want to play ge on 90 fps amd record it on my pc 60fps !

    Any solution?

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  • Seriously OnePlus 8 and 8 pro working fine with elgato on high refresh rate ! This is software problem?

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    No, because Elgato has specified the most it can reach is 60hz.

  • Sir i know that! What I'm saying i just want to play on 90hz not record on 90hz ok and rog 2 got cabbed on 60hz but OnePlus 8 is working fine!

    Got that?

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    You can play on 90hz on ROG 2, simply switch it in the notification bar or set it in the Amoury Crate.

    If you want it to show as 90hz on a screen, then you need a compatible cable/adapter and compatible screen. OnePlus in this conversation is irrelevant.

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    I know you cannot capture the screen at 90hz unless your card allows you to.

    But, the problem is, the screen refresh rate itself is limited to 60hz whenever I connect an HDMI adapter to the mobile. I cannot play games above 60hz refresh rate if an HDMI cable is connected to my phone, which is being limited by the software, rather than the capture card. Why cable should limit the screen refresh rate?

    This is what technicalsharad pointed as well.

    Please fix this, as it doesn't happen on any other device I own. iPad, oneplus 7 pro and Samsung S20 Ultra doesn't limit refresh rate on phone display while capture card is connected to the device.

    I can share more information from those devices if you want.

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