Asus Rog Phone 2 won't charge from bottom USB C port unless phone is restarted



  • Hi @ronkpa7 ,

    I would suggest you try alchol wipe on Bottom Usb C port. And also visit Service center once.

    If your device is in Warranty its best to get that port replaced 😀

  • Same thing is happening to me, it is not charging from the bottom port, charging fine with the side port. Once i keep the charger in the bottom port and restart the device it starts charging. This is a really messed up software issue that should be addressed please.

  • Also mine just started doing that yesterday, if i plug it only charges deom the side port.

  • I also experience this problem now and it makes it difficult for me to work to find news. If I already know how I want to share my personal experience on my website

  • Try cleaning the port, i blew air into the port and cleaned the port, and it worked for me. It was having the exact same problem as i mentioned but it's behaving fine after i cleaned the port.

  • This sometimes happens to me also, but now it charges but only as a fast charger. The bottom port won't Hyper charge even with the original charger and cable it came with. It also doesnt detect otg, usb, usb c dongle with earphones, and most especially my kunai and bumperr case. Anyone else have the same problem with the kunai and bumper case not being detected?

    Kunai and holder works just fine with Bluetooth.

  • Mine also having same issue.

    Asus the issue already open for months, do you already left the rog phone 2 just because you already launch the new rog phone 3?

  • How much cost for charging port rog2

  • @krkaran12 how much cost for charging port rog2

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