(2020) Upgrade from Zenfone 5 to Zenfone 5z

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Is it worth to upgrade my zenfone 5 to zenfone 5z? Based on camera and performance..


  • AlwynAlwyn Level 2

    As of my 2 years of experience its worth it but, few months later due to the camera issue if the company take serious note about it and try to fix it then i would recommend upgrading. There are new phones you can check out too.

  • Yes this is best upgrade but 5z n 5 completing its 2years updates cycle its hard to say how much more support is yet to come for 5z but i can say till date there were satisfactory updates every months till date for 5z

    If you dont bother about future updates you can still upgrade to 5z for its great camera n performance with ZEN UI 6 ON A10 i.e. way smoother than it was in. A9 also these days battery mah are more in todays competative market if you have no problem with a day usage on single charge but only for normal usage than no problem at all Go for it

    Also dont forget zenfone 7 or 7z may drop anytime soon now so if updates n battery n latest specs are what you want i shall recommend you to wait for few days more and directly upgarde to latest specs and with all new ZENUI 7 🤓 also possibility of 5G to come in 🤞

    Hope this information helps you up and choose wisely

    Cheers to your upgrade ! ✌️


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