Asus zenfone max Pro m1 .063 update Extreme battery draining problem.



  • I am also facing the same problem I have Asus Max pro m1 model. It's been a month fast discharging battery .in night battery is discharging 20 to 30% even in flight mode. Full charging is lasting only for half day. Fix this issue as fast as possible .how can we use the phone if discharging happens at this high rate. If this issue continues we have to change the handset. Some of my known people having the same handset are also facing the same problem.

  • i talked with the asus people, they are saying that i have water log issues that is why my battery is draining ... ?

    did anyone of you had any water damage earlier to the phone ?

  • Nope I didn't have such issue ever. All I know is that after the last update, phone started to heat a lot and battery drain was at extreme. That heating problem consumed my battery earlier than expected. I even changed the battery (not original because of Covid 19 lock down) but heating issue was still there and battery was draining at equally same rate. And finally I set my mind to change the handset. Nd now m pretty happy with my new phone.

  • Bro, if possible please again downgrade to Android 9 0.60. 060 is the only stable version which gives optimum battery life. And one more thing, idle battery drain problem kills the battery life very rapidly. It made my phone battery swollen within a month. I didn't know how to downgrade my OS to 060 otherwise i would have done so immediately.

  • Agree with you. 063 has good battery life. From 082 battery is draining drastically. My SOT also reduced to 6 hrs from 8.30 hrs

  • Same problem here .takes long time to charge.and not getting 6 hr onscreen time

  • İf you guys are having drastic decrease in battery life, you should immediately bring your phone to repair service.

  • What if service centre is not in our area? Buying Asus was a mistake..

  • If asus doesnt have service in your area, probably others wont have either. You should have stayed at stone age.

  • India is a huge country, everyone does not live in metro cities. More than 85% of the population live in villages or small towns. So, are you referring that all 85% people live in a stone age???

  • yes I have the problem too please solve the problem with a new update fast

  • Same experience - battery has started draining like nuts for no identifiable reason. Happens even in airplane mode. In fact it seems to be worse in airplane mode. Tried everything possible including clearing cache partition, uninstalling apps and whatnot and wasted lots of time.

    Extremely frustrating experience with asus. It's amazing how they can release update with such critical bugs unless they're trying to deliberately get rid of customers.

    This kind of experience one will definitely remember while purchasing a new phone. And if this is not fixed real soon, would need a new phone very soon. This kind of battery drain is going to kill the hardware including battery super quick.

  • Well said. Same thing happend to me as well. That problem affected my battery really badly and it got swollen within a month. And when I installed a new battery (I couldn't get an original one because of no service centre, so I purchased a good quality non OEM battery), phone heating issue and battery drain issue was still there. So I finally changed my mobile because I was afraid of battery explosion. And I am pretty sure, all that problem started after the new update.

  • this is not the right way to talk. i live in mumbai but asus service centre is very far from my place, the fastest mode is local trains, but they are not working for normal people.

    should i take 600-700 rupees ola and go service centre ?

    they release updates as if they dont have any knowledge about the things and then blame the users.

  • It's not working sir.i have the same problem form the .63 update please quickly fix it

  • If Battery drain in idle not in switch off condition wait for any security update. If battery drain even in switch off condition better immediately change the battery. My battery drain in switch off mode around 20 days. Later battery become bulgy on edges and gape between the screen and panel. Then went to service center they said need to change the battery. july 29 they order the battery at the cost of 1800rs. then yesterday call me and come to change the battery. After battery replacement idle battery drain issue fully solved.

  • Wait for 2 weeks, Again Battery drain issue ll happen. same symptoms of urs was for me.

    Idle drain for one month in airplane mode also.

    Then battery draining in switched off condition.

    Then after one week battery bcm bulge and formed a gap b/w Screen and panel.

    Then i too changed battery it costs 1800rs.

    After changing the Battery for first 2 weeks it was going well.

    Only maximum 1 % was draining at that time.

    But after 2 weeks it is again draining.

    But no draining in switched off condition.

    I called service Center they told they want to check.

    But my place is in lockdown.

    I can't go outside now.

    This software bugs made our Battery worse.

    Very Bad from Asus.

    They are not looking there update before publishing.

    You must look ur update is working properly or not and after that you should publish.


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