Could someone please tell me what the notification bar Icon which looks like a megaphone is for?

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I have trying to figure out what an icon in notification bar means. It looks like a megaphone/loudspeaker. I am attaching the screenshot of the icon.

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  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    That icon indicates that outdoor mode is ON in your system 5z

    Outdoor mode helps to boost audio output of system in very noisy conditions

    If you want you can turn that option OFF via notification quick toggles please check below screenshot 👇

    If you are unable to see that option in notification quick toggles kindly follow below steps :-

    1) When you slide down notification bar see above screenshot you can see pen like option on very left corner of slided notification bar click on that

    2) you will see various other options for quick toggles see if u can find outdoor mode there

    3) hold that outdoor mode icon and swipe that option to quick toggles and than try to tap on it for ON & OFF as per your requirement

    Also there is other way to turn on or off i.e go to

    Settings>sounds&notifications>outdoor mode toggle for ON&OFF

    Thanks! 😊

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