Battery drain in Zenfone max pro m1



  • In .082 version I'm also facing hugh battery drain issue. 3 hours need to 0% to 100% charge. And 4:30 hours need to 100% to 0%.

    In .063 version, I've not facing any battery drain issue.

    Dear Asus, kindly release an update for Pie to solve the battery drain issue.

    Hope so in the near future, we are able to use Stable Android 10 😁.

  • Guy's i also faced ll these issues idle drain and Draining in switched off condition. I thought it was software Bug and i went to service center but The problem is Battery was Going to Bulge. I also faced the same issue all u guys having so kindly Visit service center if u can.

    But Battery cost is High than that i Expected 1780rs.

  • t1w410t1w410 Level 1

    Same problem occurs since 3 weeks ago in pie latest build 3GB variant. The battery now stand for 12 hours max even in idle state, only regular chatting. Before updating this build able to almost 2 days. WiFi on and data in both sim card off. It is like Doze mode is not running. Waiting for the next Pie update since android 10 is still in beta version (some people say so).

    *Another problem happens when I put 2nd sim card, pop up message for 'date and clock unable to sync' always popping out several times in an hour. But it gone after I turned off sync in setting.

  • t1w410t1w410 Level 1

    found the culprit, my battery has swollen. realized when i cleaned it up this afternoon and find out that bottom right corner cracked and unable to tightened. now searching battery replacement in online shop

  • I am also facing the same issue, Within 3 Hours of use of mobile battery drain and heating issue is also occurs. I tried safe mode but there is no change at all

  • Same here around 3 weeks i got the issue. Battery drain around 40% at night even in switch off mode. After update of .84 no use still battery drain.😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • I have serious idle battery drain issue in my max pro m1. Even the battery life has drastically reduced. I was on build number 082 when this problem started. I updated to 084 and also to android 10 beta 3 to check if this problem resolves but nothing came out. I want asus to bring an update and fix this issue as soon as possible.

  • Backup,Reset ,wipe data , cache, setup again. Most bugs during updation solved.

    I am on a10beta3. Overnight battery drain is 5%.

    Charging frequently to more than 80% or till a point when the android system and services reset on it's own reduces battery drain.

  • Okay ,i am also on beta3 v429. Had drain issues so.

    Disabled google app.

    Battery drain reduced significantly.

    Charge ti 80 from time to time. Android system and google services reset on it's own after a certain battery level and reduces drain.

  • Im having the same problem. The battery drained drastically. sometimes It will drain 2% at the same time. instead of 1%. so many complaints. I thought I need to replace my battery. but when I read so many complaints having the same issues, the update are the problem. fix this plss

  • Wtf is this i changed battery it costs 1780rs fir first week it was working properly. After that again Battery draining in idle started.

    Really Getting irritated with this Battery n Phone.

    Sometimes Battery percentage decreases 2% simultaneously.

    I called service center they told they want to check.

    But my place is now in lockdown.


    Fucking updates ruined my old battery.

    Now this is happening again.


  • Last night my battery is 100% at 12:45AM and i woke up this morning at 9:10 and my battery drain 55% from 100% to 45% while i was sleeping. Please fix this its so frustating 🙁😪

  • Is there battery defect? Since my battery life for almost 2 years before need to replace

  • Asus, are you seriously looking into this forum or having it for namesake. Battery charge is draining like anything.

    Feeling like throw away this phone.

  • Arogya Setu app will drain heavily with Bluetooth and location services constantly on.

  • Even me also same problem sence 1 week. Night times full battery drain. I do aeroplane mode & switch off & rest also but it's not slove.i am using android 10 beat 3 version. now It's what problem battery or software problem a..?

  • Battery problem occur by software bug. wait for around 7-10 days ur battery will bulgy and some annoying chemical smell come from ur battery. Change ur battery as soon as possible. I face the same issue then I change the battery now battery backup ok.

  • Again battery drain even in switch off condition or only in idle. I'm also change the battery 4 days ago. Reply pls

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