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Hi, I had the ZF2, ZF3D and now the ZF6, I'm pretty happy to see how the mobiles of ASUS grew since 2014, especially ZenUI. Here is what I suggest :

  1. AI Boost : Add an icon in the system bar. I usually forget to disable that when I don't need.
  2. TIPS for users : ASUS gives some official Q&A but I find them very non-exhaustive ! Maybe when can create a sub-forum for people who want to share something, or improve completely the Q&As because a lot of features miss !
  3. Translation : Passing from Chinese to English and then French may distort the sentences, OK, but please allow every ASUS region quarters to review the local translations because they are for some of them badly made or very imprecise ! Example in french : "Knock twice the camera" appears in "Shake twice the camera " ?. Once ago, ASUS used to translate some Q&A ...
  4. Schedule Night Mode : It would be nice if we can automatically enable bright/darker mode according to specific hours.



  • 1)If you swipe down the notification panel you will find the toggle of AI Boost there. Very easy to do that.

    4) I think both night light and wind down grey scale can be scheduled in the system settings. Can't confirm, phone's in repair, but I kinda remember the scheduling options of night light and grey scale (plus other wind down options)

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    1. Yes, but sorry if I was unclear, but i asked an icon like the Wifi one or battery ! Or at least, change the color of the Ai Boost toggle can make it more highlighted !
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    It has no measurable impact in performance tests so I wouldn't bother anyway.

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    5. New request : At this time, if you have the GameGenie shortcut in the nav bar, you can't control the Flip camera because this "shortcut slot" is occupied. It would be nice if we have a kind of drop menu that contains the Flip Camera control if needed with the GameGenie shortcut (and the rotation button by the way...).

    Alternative : Make a floating button ...

  • 6. Add the ability to add more than one emergency contact in Safeguard ZenUI.


    (I'would prefer to edit my posts instead of writing a new comment every time...)

  • Thank you for your suggestions!

    1. I will forward this to our developers.
    2. We're actually discussing about doing a tips & tricks thread.
    3. This is useful feedback and you're very welcome to PM me with all your incorrect language findings so I can forward it to our devs.
    4. You mean dark mode. This doesn't really improve reading in a dark environment and since we're using LCD, there's not battery gain. As kinguntas23 pointed out, you can schedule wind down and night light if your purpose is to get ready for sleep. I guess however that a toggle button makes sense for ROG Phone II and future models that use OLED
    5. When do you need to control the flip camera in a game? Which game? If you don't need the Game Genie features, then you can deactivate Game Genie for that game.
    6. I will send this feedback to our devs.
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    Thanks !

    4. Hmm, well yes. Digital Wellbeing & Night light are enough in fact !

    5. Since GameGenie is applicable to most every kind of app, if we open Snap for example, we can't control the angle of the camera if GameGenie is set to work with this app. (Maybe it's a strange idea to use GameGenie here ?)

    Another thing : if you start your live video/ broadcast through GameGenie with the record of your face when you play, you'll not be able to control the camera angle ... How would you do if unluckily your camera is not fully deployed ? We'll let the viewers see our shoes ? ? ...

  • 7. Adapt the end of the Schedule Charging to the upcoming alarm

  • improve game Genie....add edge blocking feature and many more genie is only for streaming does nt much help in gaming

  • You can disable Game Genie for any /all apps/games. Or disable for some, enable for some, and so on.

    Also, Game Genie should not by default "add itself" to Snapchat.. but only apps categorized as "Games" through the Play Store.

    But nonetheless, if for whichever reason Game Genie "appears" with Snapchat, you can disable that by going to

    Settings->Advanced ; Game Genie

    Press "Game toolbar" (not the slider toggle, but the text).

    Enable/Disable through the list of apps which you want Game Genie to appear or not.

  • 5. I would just love to have a button that can control GameGenie, camera angle and rotation button in the navigation bar..

  • 6. Wallpaper slideshow : Add the possibility to get some photos from specific moods/themes like previous ZenUI (holidays, nature, modern, etc.)

  • 我想請問Zenfone6是否可以放下手機的時候螢幕自動暗屏 因為可以拿起手機自動亮屏 那應該也可以自動暗屏吧?

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    8. Disable LED while charging in DND mode. I charge my phone at night, will be nice to turn off all disturbing things and enjoy the dark :)

    9. Custom LED. Add feature to edit colours of LED eg. in Whatsapp

    10. Force refresh of processing in Gallery.

    11. Manual select/add people in Gallery.

  • Can we have selfie click with finger print sensor.. Please think about it.. It will not only increase comfort of taking selfie bt also it will increase picture quality... Right now only way of taking selfie is timer... Any other method is not handy...

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    8. Face your phone down so !


    12. The "More" button in changelogs of the Check update page is a link to the old Zentalk forum ...

  • 13. Can you please restore the little vibration when you double tap ? ?

  • 14. Selfie with finreprint... Please forward this request to developers.. I feel they can impliment it very easily and it will change whole selfie experience.

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