Camera not working after phone fell

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Hi, my phone fell from my desk on its back and after that my camera isn't flipping completely nor is it fitting in its cavity. It just keep hanging. What should I do? Also why did this happen, I wasn't using the camera the phone was on the back when it fell and the fall distance wasn't very large


  • Hi, you can re-calibrate your Flip camera : long-press the retract camera button in the notification panel.

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    Did it but didn't work. The camera still doesn't flip properly, flips only 40-50%

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    What happens if you manually rotate it through the camera app ?

    > Long press to selfie mode button ?

  • It rotates, but the motor keeps resisting and goes back to hanging mid air

  • Can you flip it manually? Don't use too much force!

  • If it really does refuse to reseat properly, you should contact your local repair center. Whether it would be through ASUS or your reseller, you could at least get a quote for the repair fee. It sounds like something might be damaged inside the motor housing.

  • My advice? Do not tell them that it fell! If no drop damage, report it as malfunctioning. How could they prove otherwise? This isn't about being honorable. It's about durability and whether it really should have broke as it did. Deny, deny, deny. You should get good outcome.

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    Same problem here, but my zenfone never fell. I've already faced several issues with this phone, and now this too. What a terrible device..

  • A lot of phones from a lot of so-called top phone manufacturers have issues. Issues are part of smartphones. Deal with it. Samsung battery fires. Google and their class-action payout for a garbage product. Lots of issues no matter where you look. At least you didn't pay $1,000 for your ASUS phone. Do an RMA, have them pay the shipping, get it fixed and accept it. If they don't fix your issues under a warranty claim, then sure feel free to complain.

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