.167 update phone issues. Service Center replaced sub motherboard (the board which is at the bottom)

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This is for Andres.

Dear Andres, myself is from India and a proud owner of ASUS 6Z from 1st Sale.

With due recent update .167 my pone started the same thing which all the other users are facing. "Sometimes it not even power on by Power ON Switch"

Upon learning the fact that the Motherboard is fault I approached to Service center at Mumbai. After 5 days I got my ASUS back in hand saying by service center that hey have replaced the SUB_Motherboard. (Sub-motherboard is the board which is at the bottom of the Screen, bottom part from where the charging cables goes in).

I insisted on replacing the motherboard but they said that they have found the sub-board faulty & same has been replaced and the phone is working properly.

They also said that if the problem persists then will replace motherboard. Why wait they cant replace it at 1st sight.

Now its just 2 hours I am home and as the battery was low, I put it on charge and after a while it is not getting power on.

I believe it charged for 40 mins means almost 70% is and its not getting Power ON.

So the problem still persists.

My query is as you said the motherboard needs to be replaced, let me know what mother board is to be replaced.

  1. The motherboard that is the Top motherboard.
  2. The motherboard that is at the Top.
  3. The Sub motherboard at the bottom.

Waiting for earnest reply and also a help.


  • I'm sorry to hear that you don't have a working device in hand right now! I can suggest leaving the phone plugged into the charger for a full 8 hours before trying to turn it on. The battery may have been fully discharged at the repair center, the full 8 hours will give the device a chance to trickle charge to full.

    If that doesn't allow you to turn on the phone, then unfortunately you'll have to contact your repair center again. We have no way to know which component needs to be repaired/replaced, that would be at the discretion of the repair center.

    I hope the overnight charging suggestion works for you.

  • Dear LP Asus

    Had booked a complaint with service centre, thai time they have changed the mother board and loaded latest version that .191.

    As per them the mother board is replaced and problem solved. But my concern is how can I make sure that is has been replaced.

    They have loaded .191 version and hopefully this version doesn't have that update issues, mother board issue and so my mobile is working. To confirm .167 update should had used, if the mother board survives on .167 update then it goes confirm that this mother board is fine.

    What should I do now, ask them to load .167 update.


    Should I myself down grade to .167 just to make sure they the given motherboard is not faulty.




  • As per them the mother board is replaced and problem solved. But my concern is how can I make sure that is has been replaced.

    Just check if your IMEI is changed.

  • If your phone has had the primary motherboard replaced, the repair center updated the FW to .191 for you, and the phone has not been experiencing any issues, then you should relax and enjoy using the device normally. ;)

    It sounds like your experience with getting the phone repaired is over, and now you can enjoy the device to its fullest. Reverting to .167 is unnecessary. We have been advising other users concerned about their phone's motherboard to run antutu benchmarks or CPU intensive games like PUBG to get the phone warm for 30-60 minutes. If your ZF6 can run those programs with no issue, then you really have nothing to worry about!

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