80% refund. seriously????? (service center is not repairing my zenfone 6 )



  • check IMEI number if its same then they just updated software

  • I dont remember the old IMEI. Im not home to check the box

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    Damn so sorry to hear about you.

    I myself am facing the same problem. I gave my 6z to ASUS SERVICE CENTRE in my city Pune on 30th August 2019. Today is 27th September 2019 and I still don't have even an ETA on when I will receive the phone.

    I have made several calls to the Service Centre and to Asus Customer Support, neither can still provide me with an ETA. Its difficult to maintain patience when you are treated like this for buying a flagship product.

    It's been almost a month, the RMA / SN I key on the website to check repair status shows nothing.

    It's definitely not a Flipkart problem as many here are stating. I've been to authorised service centre as well as spoke with their customer support, even they have no idea when will it be repaired.

    I spoke with concerned person for the same as I fear if it will even work fine after the repair. I begged and requested for refund or replacement but hey they won't - because company policies. The concerned person I spoke with said "It's a machine and it will have problems sir" to which I agree, but how far do you take to repair a flagship phone? A couple of months?

    I am traveling for a month in next week, if I don't get it by next week - I won't be using it for another month :( damn that will be 3 months straight without using it barring a few days.

    PS: I've always used budget phones, this was my first time using a flagship phone. I'm having a terrible experience. ;(

    Edit: I've seen mods here help look into it, marking @Anders_ASUS @rohith_rajan to seek some help.

  • Actually @AdiG the OP already got a replacement(we talked in PM)

    His device is working fine now.

  • I just purchased it and a faulty phone came so after replacemnt the 2nd unit has a unique problem it restarts all by itself. What should I do. Should I return to flipkart or replace it? Or should I send it service centre to get the motherboards fixed.

  • Got my device on 3rd July, on 4th Sep it got few bootloops and then died. No Power, No Nothing, phone not detected.

    After 35 days, service center replaced the motherboard.

    Now using it. God knows what will happen in future.

    @mona20000723 @Anders_ASUS

  • Even I bought Asus 6z from flipkart on 10th July 2019 and after a month it turned off. I took to service centre they told it is mother boar issue and they will replace it after 15 days as no parts are available. They gave after 15 days after repeated follow ups with them. Again after 1 hour after FOTA 167 update, the phone restarting itself every 5 minutes and they turned off. Again took to service centre next day and called customer care. Very stupid customer care worse i would say. Asus spoke person himself told it is hardware issue which after getting updates crashes. After replacing mother board twice also the phone is ot working properly no one can hear y voice on call now and Asus service centre here in bangalore in Cunningham road F1 service centre told they cant do anything as Asus is not providing any parts for this phone please call customer care. Customer care is asking to take it service centre again. Flipkart is not taking any responsibility. I am going to proceed legally with this now very soon

  • my mobile is also dead since 20 days in service center ... not even giving my mobile or refund ..... please give a complaint in consumer court (ummidimahesh my insta id)

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    **** off asus...

    i believed in your product and got the asus 6z. i had a restart issue i made a replacement to it so that i got a new 6z.

    again the issue is continuing and i feel very bad for my decision for choosing asus 6z now the new mobile which i had beed hardly used it not more than 2 days the phone got frequent restart and it is dead now .

    thank you for giving me such a wonderful product i am very much glad that asus is been making a device just for a sake.

    I regret it for choosing asus 6z .

    Hats off asus engineers and asus.


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