80% refund. seriously????? (service center is not repairing my zenfone 6 )



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    The right person? That means multiple phone calls (be nice) and try to get your situation escalated. It's a nightmare but you decide whether the stress and headache is worth it. Don't get mad at the people on line. You are a robot to them and they have a script. Try to talk to a human but again, that requires time and patience. And no, I'm not joking.

    My point about ASUS motherboards is that it was their first or main product line in the beginning. They made their name and became trusted for quality and reliability. I'm not suggesting at all that their mobile products are anywhere near that level of quality or reliability. That's my point. If ASUS started their company with these mobile phones, would they be at the same level they are today?

  • Approach the consumer forum, serve Asus a legal notice. Such ignorant behavior and arrogance should never go unreported.

  • i have been nice to them from last 25 days

    and i am still without phone

    i last 25 days i have made 60+ calls for my phone and many chats with them

    not even a single time i was rude at that time

    but i am still without phone

    i am human and my patience is not infinite

    i wanted that phone and it was my need

    but i am without phone and all work is getting delayed

    and time is alot precious.

    i cant afford to wait more weeks.

  • Where is your service centre. In Hyderabad i got my screen replaced as the same was not working in warranty period for my asus zenfone 2.

  • I'm a little bit confused at your situation and I've read your posts. The phone is currently at an ASUS repair facility or is it with Flipkart? From what I understood, ASUS has been mandated to replaced motherboards on affected units. This 80% thing is really strange to hear about. I'm from different country but if you show them retailer receipt, proof of purchase, ASUS would resolve it via warranty. How can they do things differently in a different country? I would agree that mods here should help you, but it seems they PM you already. This is bizarre if I'm being honest.

  • while buying phone from flipkart

    you will have a option to get flipkart complete mobile protection plan together with phone.

    its like a mobile insurance they also cover screen replacement and liquid damage with software/hardware issues

    and they provide door step service.

    you dont need to go to service center, they will arrange a pickup from your home and send it to authorized service center,

    after repairing they will send back your phone at your home

    i used this flipkart complete mobile protection care to send my phone to asus service center

    hope you get how it is going

    use the below link for clear understanding


  • Ok thanks. Just my opinion, but I would have left Flipkart out of this. Maybe that is what's messing this up? A straight up RMA to ASUS should have been straight forward? I guess since they have the phone you're stuck with the situation. No fun I don't blame you for being mad about it. With this being such a major RMA, I'm guessing ASUS is confused because it's come indirectly from you. Sounds messy. I hope you clear it up and post back with some success!

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    Ok, I too want to share my experience. Iam using Asus 5z since 1 year, no problem till last month, warranty expired in July month. unfortunate after an update my mobile started restarting itself. It is happening again and again. Iam frustrated I have done factory reset many times. But of no use. If I use the phone, it will not restart as soon as I lock it it starts a restart loop, again and again and eventually switches off. This is the most annoying thing I ever faced in any mobile. I used to keep 30 mins display on time to avoid restarts. Finally I have installed the android q beta Ron from Asus website, and now mobile is not restarting, it's 24 hrs now, no problem till now. From this it is clear that it's a software problem. Initially I thought it's battry problem. I haven't visited service centre as warranty is not there. Now Q had some bugs, but atleast phone is not restarting. Let's see how many days it will run like this.

    Edit: Funny thing is again I bought a Asus 6z

  • You don't realise that you aren't even dealing with asus, but a third party repair company who was providing warranty on site for Flipkart purchases.

    No shit they can't repair it and don't have the parts. The phone is a complex design unlike other phones because of the flipping camera. No wonder that third party repair centers won't have the parts.

    If you'd instead went to an authorized Asus service center, you'd have gotten the repair done for free.(no 500 charge as flipkart charges you for pick up)

    This is why no point of buying extra shit like "Complete mobile protection plans" on websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

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    Flipkart protect guys took it right?

    If yes they probably themselves tried to repair it and being a 3rd party service they probably lack the parts to repair/change the motherboard as the Zenfone 6 has a complex design

    They know they can't repair it so they are delaying it and offering you 80% of the money

    I say again you should've taken it directly to a authorised service centre not a third party like flipkart protect which is basically useless

  • after taking my device instead of repairing my device they are providing me 80% refund

    i dont know weather its flipkart's doing

    or 80% refund is proposed by asus service center

  • Whom did you inform first about the issue?

    Did you call flipkart protect or Asus service centre?

    Flipkart protect provides doorstep service so the guy should've came and took the device but as for service centre you have to take your device there yourselves

    Btw did you called Asus service centre?do they know about your issue?

    You in contact with them?

    It's highly unlikely that a authorised service centre would lack components for their own 2019 flagship that too after being informed by Asus of the issue and be asked to provide free repairs/replacements for affected devices

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    Whom did you inform first?

    Was it flipkart protect or a Asus service centre?

    Flipkart protect provides doorstep service so a guy should've came and took your device but as for a service centre you have to take your device there yourselves

    Did you inform a authorised Asus service centre or talk to them atleast?

    It's highly unlikely that a authorised Asus service centre would lack components for their own 2019 flagship considering all service centres have been informed prior by Asus about the motherboard issue and have been authorised to perform repairs/replacements for affected devices.

  • obviously i informed flipkart protect first since i purchased that along with my mobile.

    little did i knew it gonna make my life miserable

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    Remember from now on don't get those flipkart/Amazon protect bullshit

    If you would've visited the Asus service centre directly they would've changed the Mobo and returned the phone in the span of 5-10 working days.

    All the 80% refunds posts I read on zentalk were related to flipkart being involved.

    Flipkart obviously don't seem to have the parts to repair Zf6 and hence are giving that refund.

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    Go through ASUS policies not by FK policies.

  • still no response from any side

    neither flipkart nor ASUS

  • Interesting, my phone was at the same service center as yours. But my phone was repaired and delivered yesterday. Im not home but I asked my mother to check and the phone seems repaired as the firmware was 191 and i sent it at 174. Could be that they just updated the software and sent it back too. Ill get home tomorrow maybe and stress test the phone

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