Fear to update my Z6 due to ongoing motherboard failure issue

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I am loving my z6 but in fear that it may stop working anytime due to genenius Asus engineers. A motherboard failure in any phone is hard to do asus proved that it is very easy and any stable fota update can break your phone. No doubt phone is good but asus is killing me. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS u guys are awesome and supporting us with answering all our doubts. can anyone of you inform us how can we check that our phone is safe or are we on mercy of god and any updatr can break and make our phone dead? I know it is not 1000usd phone but even a 50usd phones dont break like z6 is breaking. if your stable update can break motherboard then what beta will do??? This is serious quality issue from asus. I am feeling like z6 is manufactured to be break one by one after each update. I love updates but after z6 hardware issue i always pray not to have any update. Hope u will understand our issue and clearify us if my z6 is safe and will be safe in future updates as well?

All 2019 flagship are preparing to get android 10 and z6 still fighting with call quality and worst hardware failure issue with each update someone report that their device broken.




  • What firmware version are you currently on? I don't think there's any way to predict weather an update will trigger the motherboard malfunction. If any update does that, that means your device already had a faulty motherboard and it only required some software trigger to start showing. That said, all phones that had a malfunctioned motherboard have had this issue post the 167 fota and all updates after that. So if you made it through 167 without any problems, your device shouldn't have any issues with new updates

  • I am on .191. I dont know your backgroud but I am a techi and believe me u need some extra skills to break motherboard...faulty motherboard wont work on any version of fota... asus did something in .167 which caused issue. Either accepting poor software all blame goes to hardware. we all use and customize phone in our onway so i think it was triggerd in devices with perticular customization or usage and that's what i want to know from @Anders_ASUS and @CH_ASUS

    This hardware failure was biggest setback for asus and z6 and a beatiful device killed by its own creator. I can not recommend this device to anyone until asus come forward and let usbknow if it some serial phones impacted or all the phones? And you said no one can predict about future updates so will u buy a phone which can any time break in future. Right now everyone is in confusion .167 is just curtain and issue is something else like call quality and later on everyone came to know it is design issue so motherboard failure is also a design issue. My phone is still running so i want to understand should i keep it or sale before any new ghost update and failure? @Anders_ASUS and @CH_ASUS please clear our doubts and if u are not aware then will atleast raise it and let us know why to waste so many people money and time? I am loving z6 but uncertain about tomorrow if it will work !

  • There is actually a very simple precautionary measure. Hold off on updating for a few days whenever a new update comes.

  • There are people who are hurry to manually download and install by themselves any update that appears, so yes, my personal advice is to wait the automatic update ! No need to worry ...

  • @gouravjoshi100 There is no curtain or conspiracy.

    If your phone is still working fine then you will not have this issue. Most of the devices that have show the restart issue did so within the first month.

    Updating your software won't brick your phone.

    These units would eventually have restarted anyway but the software updates accelerated it.

    We don't know which devices that are affected, because then we could find them but we know number is low. The risk of buying a device that will crash/restart, is very small. I have counted about 30 users in this forum and we have about the same number in the Taiwanese section of Zentalk. Then there are of course also other forums but all in all we're talking about a very small amount compared to how many units we have sold.

    You don't need to worry.

  • @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS thanks for the above information. I do not use my device agreesively or extensively as i do not like to play games and watch unnecessary videos. I heard this motherboard malfunction was caused after heavy use of device or runing benchmarks...is it correct? should i run the benchmarks to prove my device is safe? u know any perticular benchmark which i should ran? so far i have not seen any restart on mt phone and am using it for almost 2months and not only me...my complete friend circle like my device and play with it. And even earpiece issue is not major issue and even i was not even feel it until i visit this site. I like and live every bit of this phone from hardware, performance , camera to zen ui 6 and love it more than stock ui which is just flat and useless. I can tell u 100 points which i like and there is none which i dislike. Just this montherboard issue is fear me and none of my friends going ahard with z6 so wanted to be sure that my device will be as lovable as it is today. Any reply and recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sorry to be intrusive but why would you do benchmarks ? The phone is already known for its high performances

  • To test a motherboard. Mods say this is a good way to make sure your mobo isn't prone to reboot loop as heating up is a major factor in determining that fault.

  • I think that if you use your phone without any strange crashes since the beginning, you are pretty immune, like me (hope) !

  • yes, you need to run benchmarks like antutu, 3dmark and so on to see that it can handle the load. Some users have experienced the restart issue after playing PUBG. If it can handle 1h of PUBG, then it should be fine. One game that can really heat up a phone in no time is Into the Dead 2 when you set graphics to maximum.

    But VS-KR said, If you've had it for 2 months, then you should be fine.

  • Should I push my phone as you suggest just to alleviate some of the doubt/stress about having an issue? If I can control it, like running a test of sorts, please advise. I just wanted to confirm your advice or best idea in this situation. Also, will units manufactured after a certain date be free of this possible issue? Thanks in advance.

  • As Anders was saying, anything that would cause the phone to get warm is a good way to test. Running PUBG, antutu benchmarking tests, and various other games for 30-60 minutes will tease out the issue if your phone is vulnerable. If your ZF6 can perform those tasks with no problem, then you most likely don't have an affected device.

  • benchmark test is slowly ... go to stress test ... temp 97,8 celsium ... after test restart phone... :D when start, it is good matherboard :)

  • Hopefully. You can still have a defective motherboard even if it passes a stress test but it's less likely to. If your phone is older than 3 weeks and can pass a lot of stress testing, then it's highly unlikely that your phone has a defective motherboard.

  • What was the real cause of this issue?? I saw a few people say that even after motherboard replacement the issue is not resolved.

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    Hi @Anders_ASUS! Thanks for patiently clearing all our doubts. I m from India and I m here to put forward a few issues.

    I was super excited buying this phone considering its flagship processor, near stock android, a promising battery pack and an interesting camera implementation. It did meet a lot of my expectations for the first 10 days. Then the crashes started happening.

    I sent my unit to f1 info solutions, which is an Asus approved service centre here in Bangalore.. they sent me back my unit after doing a factory reset and NOTHING ELSE. As expected, the unit started malfunctioning again after a couple of days of use.

    The second time, I went there personally to the service centre after driving there for 1 hour on a Wednesday afternoon. After me (a junior doctor with zero technical knowledge about phones) explaining to them that this is a motherboard issue which is being talked about all over the internet, they finally agreed to ‘run diagnostics’.

    4 days after keeping the phone, they told me that it’s in fact a motherboard issue but that it’s gonna take a couple of weeks for the part to arrive. Tentative ETA according to them is September 30th. I bought this phone on the 13th of August and I got to use it satisfactorily for 10 days so far.

    Sending out faulty batches of phones by mistake is a common phenomenon in the tech industry. I had similar issues with my Samsung note 5 three years back. But the replacement experience was so smooth that I didn’t even feel a pinch. But what I have experienced with Asus so far is abysmal. May be this is not the case in other countries but the experience is nothing but pain in India.

    And regarding the frequency of occurence of this issue, this motherboard malfunction is a much more common phenomenon than what is apparent on these forums. Please do not be fooled by the 30 comments that you see here. Many average consumers in India dont even know that they can raise these issues on Asus forums. I m presenting some screenshots from the biggest online store selling asus zenfone 6 in India - Flipkart.

    As of now, a total of 2649 certified buyers have reviewed the phone on the site out of which a fat chunk - 267 of them (>10%) - gave it a 1 star rating. If you read the comments, most of these 1 star ratings complain of restarting/booting/crash related issues. 10% is by no means a small number (I do agree that statistics say that unsatisfied consumers are more likely to review a device than satisfied consumers. But even for a number susceptible to confounding, 10% is not small at all).

    Again, I m not sure if this is a problem which is exclusive to India.

    I m a frustrated consumer from India and I m looking for answers. Its 2 weeks since the service centre took my phone (after having kept it for another week on my previous visit). Am i going to see a fully functioning zenfone 6 anytime in the near future, after shelling out an equivalent of 500 USD on this abomination?

  • So many of those wouldn't have even reviewed the phone on Flipkart. The problem here is, the people in the company who actually matter (mods here, engineers, High rank posts) don't really know the post-purchase Dynamics of Indian market. People here are not used to knocking doors of service centers. People here are not used to reviewing products on company forums.

    If you go to some service centers of any company (Except Xiaomi, Credit where due), you ask them to switch between primary to wide angle camera on the phone, they will switch from back camera to front camera. You ask them what processor the phone runs, they say "Sir it has N gb of RAM and super AMOLED display". This is my experience with Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, and even Apple.

    No company has ever stressed on post purchase convenience in India, no one being at fault, because European or American strategies don't work in India.

    From personal experience, when I had the motherboard issue, mods said "Go to the nearest center and they will replace the motherboard and everything will be solved". Like it was so easy. I knew before I even got into this vicious cycle, about how painful and harassing of an experience it would be to explain to Indian executives that it's a motherboard issue, right when I read that comment. At the ground level, the centers don't like talking on the phone. They don't behave like they are obligated to talk to me or even repair my device. Again, most people working there don't know their job and are just script readers.

    People get paid without doing jobs, few cases never get media limelight, new people keep buying phones, in the end, the customer suffers.

  • Couldn't agree more. I m not sure if the situation deteriorated over time, but this was not the experience which had 3 years back. Back then, when I went in with a defective Samsung note 5, 3 weeks after purchase, they just replaced it. Plain and simple. It was so hastle free.

  • @Anders_ASUS Am I likely to get at least a reply anytime in the near future? I went to the service centre today and they said that its gonna take another week for the motherboard to arrive.

    It was supposed to arrive on September 30th (today) according to their previous estimate. I never this felt helpless trying to get any of my previous phones serviced.

  • @Anders_ASUS Here is an update. I finally got my motherboard replacement. I have been using my phone for the past 2 days with no hiccups. Its back to being the beast it was. Although I have never been a fan of mobile gaming, I played asphalt 9 for half an hour just to test this thing. It got a little warm and drained 6% of my battery during this time, but otherwise it handled it without breaking a sweat.

    Call quality was bad on the first day after i got my phone back. It had a tinny tone to it. However, on the second day I got a FOTA update which included the September security patch. This completely resolved the call quality issue.

    Atleast for now, everything is going smooth. I hope it stays that way. Overall, I have to agree that you guys made an excellent phone but post purchase experience in India is very bad. The service centres here often go for temporary fixes on first visit, which only prolongs the customer's misery. Please ensure measures are taken for better post purchase experience. Otherwise, your customers would be very reluctant to choose Asus on their next mobile upgrade.

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