Slow motion recording time

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What might be the slow motion video recording times? Especially interested in the 480fps (720p) recording time. I couldn't find the information anywhere (google, asus webpage).

Can 3rd party software utilize the slow motion recording? THe flip camera would be great to self record slow motion golf swing, having the ablity to view the swing directly after from the display. Not possible with other phones! SW like V1 Golf has good setup for doing such, but just wondering if it can utilize the 480 fps mode.


  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    5 minutes is the max recording time for all our slowmotion modes

  • Wow, if that is true, then it is great!!! Competition slow motion is usually restricted to 0.X seconds (Sony, Samsung, etc). Yes, of course we are talking about the 960 fps, but usually the 480 fps is also restricted. Best so far to my understanding has been OnePlus 6T / 7T with 3.75 s of 480 fps.

  • Did you consider adding sound to slow motion videos? I liked it on my S6 when we blew stuff up with firecrackers. I know it's not a mainstream user scenario but still :D

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