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My phone is heating up with minimal usage.  Also while playing pubg my phone got warmed up like anything and the phone switched off nd starting restarting on its own for a couple of minutes . Finally turned on after 5 mins . Whats wrong with this device? 


  • Hello there. 
    This issue has been faced by many users. Myself included. Sadly my friend, you have a faulty device. It's been confirmed by the mods here that this is a hardware issue (specifically motherboard issue). The only option you have is to get the phone replaced if you are still in the replacement window, or go to your nearest Asus service centre and get the motherboard replaced. 
    Unfortunate that this happened to you too.
  • Bro but whats the gurantee that the new phone won't have the same issue ? I am still in warranty period till 9th September but still whats the gurantee i won't have similar problem
  • @dubeysoham As kinguntas23 mentioned, you should contact your local service center if your phone is stuck in a reboot cycle.
    @kinguntas23 Quality meme!

  • @LP_ASUS as i said its out of reboot cycle now . It went on for a couple of minutes . What should i do ? Should i ask for replacement? But whats the gurantee the new device won't have same issue?
  • @kinguntas23  This is golden
  • From your original post it looked like you were still experiencing reboot issues, my apologies for the miscommunication. What firmware are you running? If it's stable enough to update the FW, try getting an automatic update by going to Settings > System > System update.  You can also do a manual download for your region, the guide on how to is here, and the download link is here

    If that doesn't help, then the advice to contact your repair center still stands.
  • I am on the 191 version
  • Just to be sure, make a couple of runs with a benchmark like antutu to stress the phone. If you have a phone with a "restarting issue" then it will likely be triggered by the heat. If nothing happens, then it was hopefully a one time thing.

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