how to save all the pictures from the burst mode

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how to save all the pictures from the burst mode


    1. Open up your "burst" photo from the camera app or in ASUS Gallery
    2. Press the Burst button in the down right corner
    3. Press select all
    4. Press Save
  • Thanks anders ,

    I tried that but its not getting saved as different files.

    it gets saved in the burst file itself

  • Ah, sorry. It's the same procedure as I described above but instead of pressing Save, you press SCATTER in the top right corner.

  • hI,

    Thanks, That worked.

    Another feature i would love to have on phone is to combine many photos to create a long exposure effect...

    Usually software like Photoshop will be required to do something like That. since no phone already has this option it will be an awsm addition since its very difficult to create a long exposure shot in day time without a filter.

    Thanks !!

  • Thanks! I have added your request to ideas for future updates. It's not easy to implement and this is why no one has done it but it shouldn't be impossible.

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