Feature suggestion (photo file names)

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
Im here to ask for a feature if it is possible.
Very often i make shots in different modes for one scene (without hdr, common hdr, hdr enchanced, night mode). And then i have to intuate which of photo is what mode. And it becomes very difficult for large amount of photos after walk or trip.
But it necessary for learning which mode is best for specific scene.
So i ask for addition to photo filenames, where will be signed which mode was that. For example:
Also it would be great if we could set quality of JPEG. I mentioned that my ZF6 photos are much less (more than 2 times) in size (megabytes) than ZF5 photos in same mode (4:3). And i think it is because of JPEG overcompression.
Thanks for your patience!


  • thanks for your suggestion - we will bring them back to our development teams to consider!
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