Flip camera hang while rotating

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Plz help us phone flip camera hang evertime 


  • If your Zenfone 6  cannot flip at all , not even once - by pressing the flip icon in camera - please contact our customer service in your country. 
  • Stuck while video calling
    I'm fed up with this device Asus 6z 
    I think this is one the worst device is design by Asus company 
    Please provide update to fix this issue 
    Everytime camera stuck so I'm not running toward customer service 
  • And the second thing company given snapdragon 855 adreno 640 
    But this phone is also worst for game 
    For high graphic game 
    One thing  for Asus either fix with update 
    Or stop manufacturing this type of phone 
  • Most of our customers are not experiencing that their camera gets stuck. If it did, then we would be drowning in posts asking us to fix it.

    Your issue is most probably hardware related and needs to be fixed at our Service Center.

    Before you contact our support, it would be a good idea to reset your phone to rule out that it is software issue

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