Removing pre-installed Facebook software [SOLVED!]

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I would like to request the ability to remove all of the pre-installed apps that are related to Facebook. Currently, the Facebook app itself is uninstallable, but 3 background services namely Facebook App Installer, Facebook App Manager and Facebook Services cannot to disabled as such. One has to resort to using ADB methods to remove them for the active user, and even then, the apps' APKs and deployed file are found in the system partition.

It has been noted elsewhere and from my own experience that those 3 apps (Facebook Services in particular) have a significant negative impact on battery-life. End-users should be allowed to remove these permanently from their phones if they so wish, especially when the primary consumer of these auxiliary apps - the main Facebook app - is no longer installed.


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    Hi Madeesh, first you got to root your ZF6 and then use app like "Disable Service" to select and disable that background services. I think there's no other solution but maybe the mods can help you.

  • Hi Cod,
    Thanks for your suggestion. While rooting is a viable option, it's closed to most users as they need to unlock the bootloader first and go through a number of complicated steps (not to mention void their warranty).
    I feel the best way forward would be to have the Asus team provide an official method to achieve this.
  • Facebook was built into the phone, and the uninstall functionality you are requesting is unfortunately impossible. It was built into ZenFone 6 to increase compatibility with Facebook services. What you can do is permanently disable the app. It is the functional equivalent of an uninstall as it will never collect or send data nor will it affect your battery life in any way. 

    Enter Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps, and then select the app you want to disable. Tap the app, and then tap "Disable". 

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