After. 191 update

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I feel now battery drains too much as acompared to previous... Does anyone elese has notice same problem??


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    Did not see any real difference tbh. What was your pre and post update SOT??
  • Yes, I was getting low SOT before .189 and the mods told me to turn off retract camera and it helped but after 191 the SOT is lower than before, @Anders_ASUS
  • In my case is different i was getting very bad battery life on 189, and 191 is giving me great battery life.
  • Magic of Android FOTA itself 
  • Not so much the magic of Android FOTA.. but rather the complexities of every bit of kit inside a phone - all the potentially hundreds of apps users may have installed - humans' flawed sense of memory and accuracy - plus a ton of other variables..   makes it really difficult to comment on any individual SOT vs. FOTA#.

    The only viable way is to monitor broadly, if we are seeing any specific issue around battery drain caused - sometimes it can be as easy as Google Play services doing some random thing in the background for a duration of time, causing that particular day's SOT to dip. 
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