Motherboard issue on the Zenfone 6

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Hey the sole reason of creating this post is to address the motherboard issue which many users seem to be suffering from.
Personally I don't own a Zenfone 6(I own a 5z).
I've seen many people here on Zentalk and people on the telegram group of Zenfone 6 reporting their devices constantly rebooting (4-5 times a day),and their apps  crashing frequently.
Now I don't know if this is a motherboard thing or software thing but something in the updates is triggering the devices to die or crash constantly maybe a hardware/software thing.
Many users faced this on different firmwares so it's not related to a particular firmware,this means that the issue someone is facing on one firmware can be triggered on someone else's device on different firmware.
If this is a global and rampant issue on the device Asus should consider calling back the devices and changing the motherboards or whatever is causing the devices to die
On the telegram group I saw a guy suffer this same issue (he changed his mobo from SC which took like 2 weeks) then the phone started crashing like in the expanse of the next 5 hrs again .
That was just a little info on the issue hope Asus does the right thing here.


  • Sincerely hope ASUS takes some firm steps. This is not a cheap phone. I'm facing this problem as well and taking it to the service centre tomorrow. Let's see how it goes.
  • Yes its a motherboard issue and I am also facing it even after changing the motherboard

  • This is a hardware issue which only affects a very small amount of units. When the users with these devices updated their firmware, it only accelerated something that would have happened either way. This is why they experienced that it appeared right or shortly after an update.

    This issue has shown to appear in the first month for most of the "affected" devices so it's not like you're walking around with a ticking bomb.

    I know it looks bad when you're look at all the threads in this forum. You may easily think that pretty much every user is or will be affected but this is because most affected users finds their way here and they will reply and post about their issue many times over which is understandable.

    There are (in this forum) about 30 users that have reported that their device has restarted by itself. We have sold a lot of ZenFone 6 so even if you see a lot of comments about it here, doesn't mean that there is a high risk of your device being affected.

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