ZenFone 6 On Verizon Wireless

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I bought this device knowing it would not work on Verizon but surprisingly, data works amazingly! I get 4G+ everywhere in Ohio at least.
The issue is no calling or texting. I've been communicating over GroupMe and I've setup a Line2 second line for calling.
Is there anyway to get HD Voice or VoLTE with Verizon Wireless. I would be willing to do some tests if needed. I understand you are looking more people to request specific carriers for VoLTE.
I was not expecting data support to be so good on Verizon Wireless.

Thank you.


  • VoLTE generally requires the support of the network operator as well to ensure proper functionality. As such, those type of features are not a "one way street" forus to implement properly. We will however pass back your feedback to our HQ teams. 
  • Is there anything I could do on my end to encourage support with VoLTE and Verizon for the Zenfone 6?
  • Unfortunately not. We're grateful that you're offering to help but it needs to be solved by our North American office together with Verizon.

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