Twin apps list scrolling not responsive

cienkocienko Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
I noticed that when scrolling through Twin Apps list screen becomes unresponsive. I need to slide my finger a couple of times to get the list to scroll further.


  • Does this always happen? What happens if you let it load all the icons (might take a while) and does that still happen?
  • Yes, it happens even when all icons are loaded. I swipe slowly a few rows on the list (not like you want to go straight to the bottom of the list), move my finger and try to swipe again and nothing happens. Sometimes it takes 3 times before it starts scrolling again. I noticed it only on Twin Apps list.
  • I cannot confirm such a behaviour.

    Are you on stock ROM without root?

    Does this happen over wifi or mobile data?

    Do you have installed any antivirus, antimalware, proxy, vpn, firewall, adblocker? If so disable it and test again.

    Does this happen in safe mode too?

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