Why so many bias towards Asus 6z or Zenfone 6?

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I saw in many posts, that most retard heads shows their attitude and haterness towards this model. People want everything to be perfect and ultra fast and best of all. Come on.

As saw most of bugs and software related issues, genuinely tell, I used this device for more than a month. No software or any lags for me. It works perfectly and suffice my need. Battery really stand out from others. Two days, two complete days battery backup. 

And more over , it's a electronic device. It have its own limitations and troubleshooting. That's how engineering works. 

You guys wants camera to be performed like pixel, device built like Samsung and one plus, battery like Tesla car, speed like jet propeller. Come on what else you need guys. 

If you guys having hardware issue, take it to service centre. If service lags, take it legally or get assistance from parent company. If you want everything to be perfect and on your command or order, then you can design and develop your own device with zero flaws.

And regarding update, what you guys really want. What else you gonna do with or without update? Just for playing shitty PUBG, and watching porn videos, other thrashy jobs why you prefer mobile to be perform like a perfectionist.

If you don't like,get away to other device . Don't show your muddy face here.


  • Now now, let's keep it friendly, there is no need for name calling or abusive words - on either side.
  • Using the 6z for more than a month. Excellent performance. No lags at all. Camera and Battery stands out.
    Its got OTG, FM radio, Reverse Charging, Dedicated Mem Card slot, 3.5mm audio jack etc.
    Only thing missed is Wireless charging.
    For the price, its worth every penny.
  • Reverse Charging is more a gimmick than a feature unfortunately. Find me a phone that chages faster than [email protected] via OTG cable. I had a phone with wireless charging and didn't use that much. The battery gets hotter, charging is slower and with high energy loss. And, above all, you have to place it properly on a charging pad or you'll end up with constant charging/uncharging signal.

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