Privacy concerns about the Gallery app

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I occasionally get notifications from the Gallery app that it's analysing stored photos to tag people's faces. Firstly, I'd like to know if the app does all of this offline or uploads anything to remote servers. Secondly, I'd like to turn off this feature, but currently there appears to be no toggle in the app's settings to do so.

Furthermore, the Gallery app itself is deployed as a system-app, making it impossible to disable it. I'd like to request that the app is made app-priv, thereby allowing it to be disabled.


  • It sounds like you're referring to the AI face detection that helps group picture in Albums.

    I don't have the answer to the first question, but I can get in touch with the team that does. Regarding the 2nd, you can try toggling the feature and seeing if it stops the notifications/functionality. In Gallery, tap the three dots on the top right for the Advanced menu, then Settings > Display system albums > and toggle the selector for People. 

    Can you private message me your device serial number, current firmware version and a picture/screenshot of you ASUS Gallery version? If possible, a screenshot/picture of the notification you are getting from Gallery would be helpful too.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! Will try out your suggestions. In the meantime, how does one PM another user on this website? I can't seem to find a link to compose a new message, just one for the inbox.
  • Will try out your suggestion, thanks. How does one PM a moderator on the forum? I see nothing in either your profile or mine.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try disabling the People system album. Will send you a PM in a bit.
  • Hi
    The gallery's grouping features are happening only on your device, no data is transferred to Asus on this regard.
    As LP already explained, you may turn off this feature - and when that is done, no grouping will be done.
    If you wish to remove any previously grouped data - go into the app settings of the 'Gallery' app and clear cache/data for the app itself.
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