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Fingerprint scanner doesn't work in my Zenfone 5z. Which is disabled by software itself. No options to turn ON it. Any idea???


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    What do mean by "disabled by software itself" ? You don't find your saved fingerprints in the settings ?
    If yes, this is an issue that I already have seen on ZF3Deluxe and ZF5.
    Restart your phone to see if it changes ...
    You can check if your fingerprint sensor works :
    • Go to Calculator app > Tap .12345+= > Single test > Test the fingerprint sensor
    • Watch a Youtube video and see if the player is displayed when you tap the fingerprint sensor
    • Does the camera take a picture when you tap the fingerprint sensor ? Fingerprint gestures works ?

    A reset of your phone should make the fingerprint options reappear.
  • If I do a reset method any data lose will happen???

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4
    A reset will delete all your personal files such as :
    Your pictures, screenshots, music saved, application data, etc.

    I suggest you to backup everything before reset.
    TIPS : You can sync your contacts with your Google account to save them.
    You can transfert your files to a USB key directly thought your phone with an adaptor.

  • Ok thank you...
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