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  • Hey ASUS,

    I'm with the same issue.

    Well, for the first while till yesterday, the camera sometimes wasn't working right, on standard cam without set to flip, the CAMERA CANNOT FLIP shows (sometimes), and sometimes the camera didn't stow or deploy to extend position. And sometimes it happen to whatsapp video call too. But since yesterday evening, these trouble is always happening, third party apps and native camera app.

    My device still up to date ever, but I don't wanna to send to a repair starting yet.

  • Hey asus my asus 6z camara cannot flip problem please help me

  • Have you checked the advice earlier in this thread? Do you have a screen cover or dirt covering the proximity sensor?

    If not, or if cleaning the area doesn't improve the situation, then you need to contact your local repair center for a hardware repair.

  • I don't have any cover or dirt on proximity sensor. Still I am facing this issue. From Asus any one can reply?

  • Hi. My camera today stoped flipping too. Its really dissapointing for a brand new device. Its just 3 months by the day i bought it. I don't have a case or crystal obstructing the proximity sensor wich is working fine. The mechanism cant go completely flat even when i push it to. I went through the calibration procedure but doesnt help. A message just pops to inform me ' Camera cannot flip. Make sure there is notging obstructing it ' . Is there anything else other than what is said here to do?

  • The problem is really annoying. I have the same with my Edition 30 (7 month old). Meanwhile service centers work with delays I've decided:

    1. Wait till next firmware update (I'hope ASUS will find software solution for this error. It looks that problem really could be solved without hardware replacement)
    2. If I need to flip camera in 3rd party apps then I simply use "Navigation bar" Icon for camera manual flipping.

    By the way - is the phone construction means that to replace proximity sensor whole screen module should be changed? I couldn't find that part separately at asusparts

  • You are kind of lucky because that means yours is a software issue! Mine is a hardware one...

  • Have bu fixed ur problem?

  • Camera nota working front but screen shot my phone pls help me

  • Update... I sent my device to Asus service centre and in about 10 days period they replaced the camera mechanism ( in addition they fixed a couple of other issues that they found out ). In conclusion... Not so good hardware choice but great service after all.

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    At least for me, this seems to be tied to proximity sensor issues seen in the other thread:

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