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Why are adobe apps like premiere rush and premiere clip not compatible with 6z where as phones like pne plus 6,6t,7 k20pro are supporting and criterion seems to be android pie?


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    Chinese companies are agressive and work really hard to add compatibility of every kind in their devices i have been asking Asus to work with Netflix and Amazon to add HDR and HD video support respectively and they promised that they are working on it but still no support where Xiaomi add Netflix HDR support on k20pro with an update and OnePlus already have it. HD in Netflix is supported in all device with SD 845 & 855 with Widevine L1 that is why Netflix working in HD.  I searched if Zenfone 5z supports prime video in HD but it seems its not so if last years flagship didnt got the much asked feature in the forum its useless to hope that Asus will work to solve any compatibility issue with third party apps and services this year also.
  • We'll pass back this question to our RD, and hopefully they can get in touch with Adobe and check why they aren't allowing ZenFone 6 to install Premiere Rush.
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